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02 Feb

Fifteen minutes of fame

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I’m very happy to day that this photography website/blog featured on the very cool website yesterday. The title they uses was ‘Combining a Love For Music and Photography- Patrick Dinneen’ which sums up my website perfectly.

If you want to spend some time browsing through a very wide range of photoblogs and photos of the day then head over to their site.

01 Feb

The Small Hours (in honour of Donal Dineen’s radio show)

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Donal Dineen (my surname namesake but with only one ‘n’ in Dinneen) was the dj of the late and great show ‘The Small Hours’ on Today FM which finished up in December 2011. Donal began on Today FM with ‘Here Comes the Night’ in 1997 before moving to a later time slot for The Samll Hours in 2004. His shows featured, shall we say, not daytime playlists music. Electronic, alternative, indie and a whole lot more. a link to his Today FM blog and playlists.

He introduced me to a wide variety of new artists that I’d never have heard of otherwise, including Mount Kimbe, Mark E, Dalek, Efterklang, Monolith and many more.
(This seems like an obituary to Donal Dineen but he’s very much still alive)

The title of his late show The Small Hours is the perfect title for this photo. Just in case you didn’t realise by now every photography in my blog section has a relevant music title.
Photograph settings: f10, 15 seconds, wall used as a tripod.

30 Jan

I’ll be doing a lot of photography in Depeche Mode*

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I think that every photogrpaher has a few lenses on their wish list, for me it was a macro and wide angle (10mm) lens. I don’t know how much I’d use either one but have always wanted to play with them and see what they’re like. I’ve read a lot of people saying once they get a wide angle lens it stays on the body most of the time. I’m sure that if/once I get these two lenses there’ll be more that I want (upgrade camera body from K-7 to K-5).

Anyway, I bought a Pentax 100mm f2.8 1:1 macro lens last Friday, on clearance sale in Currys. I’ve played around with it over the weekend and realise that there’s a steep learning curve. So you can expect a swarm of macro photographs in the next few weeks.

All of up until now has been with a non-dedicated macro lens, either a compact camera or one of my other lenses and cropped.

( * macro is a song by Depeche Mode)

24 Jan

Build High, Build High, I said Build High, Yeah, Build High

Part two of my photo series from a building site in Parkmore Business Park East, Galway City.

Part one can be found here

Blog title taken from the great Pixies song ‘Build High’.

17 Jan

A dreaded sunny day so I meet you at the cemetery gates

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This is the photo before editing (done in Picasa 3)