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07 Nov

You Can Leave Your Hat On

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I’m suprised that Conor (1 1/2) will leave his hat on when he’s outside, his older sister kept taking hers off and throwing it away. This is the first time I used the in built filters in my camera; a Pentax K-7, you can see the effect in the second shot. it gives a nice effect I think. I used to think that any in built filters would just be a novelty but I like some of them.

03 Nov

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

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31 Oct

Jump Up, Jump Up And Get Down. Jump Jump Jump

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The simple things in life. For a young child there’s nothing more fun that running and jumping in a puddle. Endless fun.

27 Oct

The Winner Takes It All (The Loser Gets Discounted Photos)

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Recently I ran a compeition where everyone who commented on a post was in with a chance of winning one of three 8″ by 12″ photograph of their choice with free worldwide delivery.

I’ve selected the winners at random using

The winners Séan, Josephine M Battye and Mubin have been contacted via e-mail.

Thank you everyone who commented.
For everyone who didn’t win (and those who won) I’m offering you a discounted price for a 8″ by 12″ inch photos: €10 instead of €20, including free worldwide postage.

26 Oct

Old And Wise (Michael D Higgins- next Irish president?)

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An old post but seeing as tomorrow is voting day I’m going to re-post it.
Michael D Higgins, Galway West TD, who is running for the Irish Presidency. He very kindly launched my companies photo exhibition in Ballybane (Galway) library. He seems like a very down to earth person who takes time to get involved with the local community. After Séan (Sean) Gallagher being caught lying (allegedly) the race has been blown wide open (well open).

Michael D Higgins