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17 Dec

Oh Manchester, so much to answer for (Old Trafford, Manchester United)

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dsc00106 Oh Manchester, so much to answer for (Old Trafford, Manchester United)

I took this (with a standard compact) on a tour of Old Trafford (Theatre of Dreams), home stadium to football team Manchester United. I found it a very interesting tour. But then again I enjoy football stadium tours in general because it allows me to ask multiple questions and you get to learn some interesting trivia and facts ( the rainwater that falls on the roofs is ‘recycled’ and used for the toilets).

09 Dec

I’m a skyscraper

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pc070053 Im a skyscraper

I can hear the sound Of the North Star calling
Put your high beams on Stay on my wing
I’m falling And spinning and turning This is ultra-glide
The beginnings of great things
Cannot be seen By your naked eye
Can you see me kow crack the skies like lightnin’
Mama’s little sonic boom Is simply frighteninig
I’m a skyscraper
Float like a buttuerfly
Acrobatic Sting like a B-52 Dramatic
And the radar locks on you No static
Can I reach it now I’m not up here often
God only knows
And he ain!t talkin’
I’m a skyscraper.”

08 Oct

Boatman’s Call (Dunmore East fishing memorial)

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p9180037 Boatmans Call (Dunmore East fishing memorial)

A memorial sculpture to all those from the area lost at sea from Dunmore East and surrounding area