Every photographer has regular websites and other photographers’ websites/blogs that they visit, even gain inspiration from. Here’s a list of my favourite sites that I regularly visit:

I have to mention Fine Art America, through whom I sell my photography. Below are some of the products that they sell:
abstract photographs for sale
abstract canvas prints and abstract canvas art for sale
abstract prints for sale
abstract framed prints, abstract framed art, and abstract prints for sale
abstract acrylic prints and abstract acrylic art for sale
abstract metal prints and abstract metal art for sale
abstract posters for sale
abstract greeting cards for sale

galway photographs for sale
galway canvas prints and galway canvas art for sale
galway prints for sale
galway framed prints, galway framed art, and galway prints for sale
galway acrylic prints and galway acrylic art for sale
galway metal prints and galway metal art for sale
galway greeting cards for sale
galway posters for sale

color photographs for sale
color canvas prints and color canvas art for sale
color prints for sale
color framed prints, color framed art, and color prints for sale
floral macro canvas prints and floral macro canvas art for sale
irish photographs for sale
color acrylic prints and color acrylic art for sale
color metal prints and color metal art for sale
color greeting cards for sale
color posters for sale
colour photographs for sale
colour canvas prints and colour canvas art for sale

colour prints for sale
colour framed prints, colour framed art, and colour prints for sale
colour acrylic prints and colour acrylic art for sale
colour metal prints and colour metal art for sale

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