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10 Dec

Keep The Car Running- photo for ‘Negative Space’ challenge

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On a photography forum that I frequent they have regular competitions/challenges and the current one is entitled Negative Space. I was driving to work and trying to think of a suitable photo and noticed my car petrol light came on. Bingo, it represented negative space perfectly I thought.

Negative Space

Keep The Car Running is a song title from Arcade Fire

02 Feb

Galway International Rally (It Just Feeds My Need For Speed)

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the Galway International Rally was the first international rally to be run from the Republic of Ireland. Throughout its history it has attracted star drivers from all over the world. These photos are from the day before the rally, when rally cars register and fans mill around adoring the cars

galway International Rally

galway international rally boyle

galway international rally 2

galway international rally mechanic

It Just Feeds My Need For Speed are lyrics taken from the song 1320 by Megadeath

11 Jun

Broken down cars, Like strung out old stars ( Vintage Car Show )

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I was at the Shrule & District Vintage Car show last weekend and spent the afternon trying to stop my two year old son from pawing the cars with his ice-cream hands. Besides that I took some photos of the lovely cars; hope you like. (more to follow soon)

Post title taken from the great song ‘Lift Me Up’, taken from the album Hotel by Moby. I only found out recently that Moby is an avid photogrpaher and has his own photoblog of strange and beautiful architecture in Los Angeles.

08 Jun

Baby You Can Drive My Car ( Shrule & District Vintage Club 4th Annual Show )

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A friend of mine is a lover of cars (Opel mainly) and will be showcasing his Mantra at the opcoming Shrule & District Vintage Club 4th Annual Show at Castlehackett Estate, Belclare, Tuam, Co. Galway this weekend. I’m going to head along, it could be a great chance to get some nice photographs. After browsing through some of my car photographs I’ve noticed that I tend go for abstract rather than the standard photos. This is because the standard photo (for many subjects) has been done a million times so trying a differnet style makes it stand out somewhat.

Link to website.
Here’s details of the show:
Saturday 9th June
The Vintage Road Run for cars will start at 4 P.M. sharp returning to the show site @ 8 P.M. where a barbeque (not free) is available.
The route of the run is as follows:
* Castlehackett House (Show site)
* Caherlistrane
* Shrule
* Glencorrib
* Cross
* Cong (15 – 30 minute stop)
* Ballinbobe
* Tuam
* Belclare (meet with the Tractors)
* Castlehackett House (Show site)
Tractors will also have a Road Run the route is: * Castlehackett House (Show site)
* Caherlistrane
* Sylane
* Tuam
* Belclare (meet with the Cars)
* Castlehackett House (Show site)

Details of events on Sunday 10th June
* All types of vintage vehicles will be on display – tractors, cars, motorbikes, commercial trucks, 4X4s, construction and industrial vehicles, fire engines and steam engines.
* There will be vintage working displays and demonstrations with threshing, block making, stone crushing, and stationary engines in operation.
* A tractor build display is planned and a substantial autojumble will be run on site.
* Other attractions include Dog show and crafts display featuring cooking, butter making, sewing, wood turning and weaving.
* There will be children’s entertainment, set dancing and live music featuring Don Stiffe, Matt Keane and many more artists.
* The Opel Vauxhall Club Ireland will be in attendance.
* The Ford Cortina Club are main feature at the show as they celebrate 50 years of the Cortina.

Show location:
Sat Nav co-ordinates are: 53.493331,-8.977633.

Post title is the title of a Beatles song ‘Baby You Can Drive My Car’.

06 Dec


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17 Oct

Keep The Car Running

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I was 1/2 thinking of selling my Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens to finance a very wide angle lens (8-16 or 10-20mm). I have a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 lens which sits on my Pentax K-7 body most of the time so the 30mm doesn’t get used a whole lot. So I decided to play a bit with it at home to see would I miss it. Any time I use it I realise that I like the lens a lot; it’s small, great for low light/very fast and creates great bokeh, even if I have to be close to my subject to get it. So, for the moment I think I won’t be selling it.

At the moment I think I’d like to add a wide angle and a macro lens to my collection and that I’d be happy with ‘my lot’ then. Although there’s always one more lens you want…

Anyway here’s Conor, he’s 1 1/2 now and loves cars, trucks, lorries and makes ‘lorry noises’ and gets excited anytime he sees one. He even doesn’t want to have his pjs taken off if they have a picture of a fire truck on them.

23 Apr

Driving into the sun

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22 Mar

Autobahn (66)

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I took this long exposure picture standing on a bridge overlooking the motorway in Walldorf (near Heidleberg), Germany. The railing made a perfect substitute tripod. My fears were my camera dropping onto the road or someone coming along and spotting an easy mugging!

07 Dec

Boy Racer, Boy Racer, Oh

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hyper drive

07 Nov

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (It’s a Rich Man’s World)

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Another rich mans toy from my wander around Kensington, London, this time a racing red Ferrari

Ferrari- It's a Rich Man's World

29 Oct

Bentley Rhythm Ace

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Yet another luxury car in Knightsbridge. I could spend a month in London just wandering
around taking pictures of everything and everything. It's a photographers' dream place and has
life everywhere.

Beltley hub cap

27 Oct

I Love My Car

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Another luxury car in Knightsbridge.The place is probably a thieves’ dream

I love my car
I’ll admit today I’ve gone too far
To enamour myself of my little motor car

26 Oct

Wouldn’t It Be Nice? (Porsche 911)

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I was in London for a wedding in Knightsbridge.
The place is dripping with money, a lot of extremelly
expensive toy boy cars.

Porsche 911

05 Sep

Jumping Jack Flash

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A Jaguar hood ornament from a classic Jaguar car, taken at Lackagh Heritage in Galway.
I tried to step away from the standard (plain) car shot and shot from a different angle.
There were a number of classic cars on show (and one shiny red Massy Ferguson tractor too)

Jaguar Hood ornament jumping

02 Sep

The White Stripes

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The White Stripes- classic Jaguar

An abstract photo of a classic Jaguar car at Lackagh Heritage Festival, Galway.

31 Jul


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night lights

Standing on a bridge in Walldorf (near Heidleberg) the railing made a perfect tripod. 13 second exposure

And my first attempt of long exposure:

28 Oct

Pink! (Nissan Figaro)

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from the old days

21 Apr

I Love My Car

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I love my car
I’ll admit today I’ve gone too far
To enamour myself of my little motor car

24 Feb

Driving in your car I never never, never want to go home

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One car costs over £1 million and the other one probably a million years old!