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24 Jan

Cava Restaurant, Galway Closing (Food, Glorious Food)

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Cava Restaurant in Galway to close

Cava Galway

Cava Restaurant Gaway

Cava Restaurant is closing on the weekend of 25th/26th January, 2013Jp McMahon, the owner said “It is with deep regret and sadness that Drigin and I must announce that Cava will close in 11 days. We hope the next week will be a happy reflection on our last five years rather than a mourning on our closing ”.

Cava was an extremely popular tapas restaurant in Galway, which had won many awards and it’s closure is a great pity. It was my favourite restaurant in Galway. They will be bringing their top 5 tapas dishes onto their menu at Eat@Massimo, where the same people do a lunch menu.

Click here for an article in the Galway Independent that features an interview and a slight insight into some of the reasons why it closed.

Food, Glorious Food is a song from the musical Oliver!

02 Mar

Cracking Up (Cracks in the economy)

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An old photo of mine but with a change of Government I thought it’s good time to repost it. Hopefully the cracks in our economy will be fixed. Although I don’t have much faith in Enda Kenny, the man who hid from radio interviews in the last few days before the election. Will the public be wishing Fine Gael out and Finna Fáil back in four years time?