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20 Aug

The Party’s Over

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Not every photograph has to or can be a “Wow, look at that!”. Sometimes a good photograph is the opposite, a snapshot of a mundane everyday scene. There mightn’t be anything stunning that captures your eye but if you let your mind absorb the photograph it makes you think or feels like it’s from a story; this for me is a good photograph.

the party's over

The Party’s Over is a song title by Willie Nelson.

27 Apr

Flowers (Tulips not from Amsterdam)

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Tulips from Amsterdam

I can never calm you down
And I can never turn you around
And I could never bring you flowers
And I could never turn you around

21 Dec

(Drunken) Itsy Bitsy Spider?

In c. Macro & Flowers,f. Nature & Sky by admin / December 21, 2009 / 1 Comment

Most people hate spiders but don’t mind ladybirds; why? They’re both insects, one just looks pretty…

25 Nov

November Rain

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A quick dash out to the back garden in between the showers. I have been working from home for the past week due to flooding…