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19 May

Lisbon Tram- which version do you prefer?

In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / May 19, 2015 / 4 Comments


The lively city of Lisbon operates a delightful tram network of quaint old trams that lurch and screech around the narrow streets of the capital. The photo below, Lisbon Tram, was taken with my HTC One smartphone on an enjoyable night out (what other kinds of nights out are there in Lisbon?) It proves the old photography phrase that the best camera you have is the one you have on you. The different effects were done very quickly and simply using Flickr’s built in editor.

For me this image captures the spirit of a Lisbon; nightlife, relaxed people, the tram, graffiti and steep roads. I’ve only been to Lisbon once but already I’m looking forward to visiting again and would recommend it to anyone; lively city, lovely people, good nightlife, warm weather and a beach.
Which version of the photo do you prefer and why?

1. Original

Lisbon Tram

Lisbon Tram

    02 Oct

    LA is The Place (The Crane Bar, Galway)

    In a. Galway by admin / October 2, 2012 / 1 Comment

    I’m delighted to tell you that I had a photo published in the LA Times!
    The LA Times contacted me through Flickr asking if they could use my photo of a man outside The Crane Bar in Galway in a travel feature on Galway for their travel section of The LA Times newspaper. They posted me some clippings of the page, I kept one, gave one to the pub and one to the person in the photo.

    Post title is a song by the American hip hop group N.W.A.

    12 Oct

    Let’s Drink, Drink, This Town Is So Great!

    In a. Galway,k.Buildings & Architecture by admin / October 12, 2011 / 2 Comments

    A few photos from some pubs around Ireland; The Outback in Limerick, Neachtains (Tigh Neachtains) and The Crane Bar in Galway City.