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12 Nov

Galway Blackrock Swim (Swimming)

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This is Martin Burke, a hardy swimmer at the diving board at Blackrock, Salthill, Galway. He came out of the water and casually said “It’s lovely in there.” The Diving Board at Blackrock, Salthill is a very popular swimming and diving location with locals (and tourists in the summer). I’ve only been in there once and that was with a wetsuit on.

Swimming is a song title of a song by Florence and The Machine

01 Mar

Play It Low Into Joe ( Pearse Stadium Galway GAA )

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Last summer I wandered into Pairc Ui Caoimh, Cork GAA stadium when it was empty and took photographs of the empty stadium. So I called into Pearse Stadium, Salthill, home to Galway GAA. The stadium manager kindly allowed me to walk around taking photographs . Here’s the first set of photos, more to follow soon.

Not Men But Fír

The changing rooms were surprisingly extremely large, there was even a physio room and warm up room. Compare this to the changing rooms that Cork GAA have-

My second set of photographs from Pearse Stadium can be found here

Title taken from the song ‘Play It Low Into Joe’ by The Cash Strapped Johns

13 Jun

Run, run young man (Galway Triathlon)

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Blur runnint

A swimmer getting ready to stop and change over for the cycling leg of the Galway Triathlon.

15 Mar

Old Red

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Old Red

03 Mar

Talking Heads

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Talking Heads in Salthill

16 Sep

Beach House (Ladies Beach Salthill, Galway)

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A few pictures from Ladies Beach Salthill in Galway. Salthill is a seaside area of Galway city, Ireland. There is a 2 km long promenade, locally known as the Prom, overlooking Galway Bay with bars, restaurants and hotels.

Ladies Beach, Salthill, Galway

Gone swimming

(Galway)Bay Watch

Post title is taken from a band called ‘Beach House’, a band from Baltimore, USA that creates music that is dark, dreamy, and alluringly hypnotic.