You Got a Fast Car

Sometimes I go out with my camera with an idea in my mind of what type of photograph I want to capture, sometimes not. On this occasion I was watching some sheep with my kids (amazing for them…) while cars were driving past on the country road.

Quickly I decided to try some long exposure shots of them. Without thinking too much about the settings I flicked the shutter dial to 1/15 of a second and titled my Pentax K-7 camera as I heard a fast car approaching. As it came into view I panned it and titled my camera slightly. Even though the car isn’t fully in focus I’m extremely happy with result. The strong background colours add to the photo as well I think.

If I had thought about it more I mightn’t have gotten as good a result; there was no textbook thought to titling the camera but I think it looks more dramatic that if the car was horizontal.

Post title is taken from the classic song ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Trapman

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