About Patrick

about Patrick Dinneen

Hi, I’m Patrick Dinneen.

I’m from Cork and live in beautiful Galway, West Ireland. My favourite style of photography is abstract, I try to create photos that are fairly unique and different. I also love wandering around Galway with my camera.


Since Patrick’s childhood, when his dad bought Patrick his first camera as a birthday present, he’s always been interested in photography. The present was a bulky Dslr but Patrick thought he would have preferred a simple compact camera. In hindsight, his dad knew what he was doing (don’t they always!); it taught Patrick how to operate a camera and gave him a proper understanding of photography.


Patrick’s favourite style of photography is Δߊ†®∀©† (abstract). He has a natural talent for creating an original and memorable abstract photo from a scene that others would overlook.

Why abstract? Patrick began, like most photographers, capturing anything and everything and his previous website was even entitled ‘Eclectic Images.’ But after time he noticed that his favourite photos tended to be abstract. Today everything has been photographed to death and the majority of photographs look very similar. Patrick likes the challenge of trying to capture something that stands out (abstract does) and is memorable. Many of his photos burst with strong colours which reflect his happy, outgoing personality.

Abstract art: Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, colour and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world

PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPTMENT (the boring stuff if you’re not a photographer)

Patrick shoots with a Pentax K-5ii DSLR and Pentax K-7 as a backup. A lot of people are surprised and ask why a Pentax, or rather ask why not a Canon or Nikon? It’s a great camera that he love! Simple as that.

Patrick also keeps a compact camera on-hand/in the car in case he stops a potentially great photo opportunity. To quote a famous photography phrase- “the best camera in the world is the one you have on you.”



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