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16 Aug

Galway baby at Croke Park

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Galway faced Tipperary in the semi final of the GAA hurling final at Croke Park in the middle of August. Our whole family decided to make the journey from Galway to Dublin for the occasion. My two older children both play gaelic and hurling/camogie (boys play hurling, girls play camogie; don’t ask me what the difference is) so they were excited at the prospect of their first visti to Croke Park for the big game.

Kate, 10 months old was decked out in the Galway colours and we were wondering would she last the whole game. I don’t know if she’s a great baby or that we just were lucky but not only did she last the whole game without crying or screaming but she seemed to enjoy the event. When the crowd roared she looked around, smiled and started clapping. This picture is of her and me at the bottom of the Cusack lower stand. It’s a photo that will be framed on our wall at home and a lovely memory of our first family outing to Croke Park.

Tipperary jut about ended up winning, by a score of 2-19 to 2-18 (3 points for a goal, so 25 points to 24 points).Tipperary will now play Kilkenny in the All Ireland Hurling Final on September 3rd.

A happy baby supporting Galway in the hurling at Croke Park

26 Jul

Red Hot- Lahinch building

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This is one of those ‘Marmite’ photographs; people could either hate or love it. It’s the back of a building in Lahinch, county Clare on the West coast of Ireland. The dark brown part of the photo is the top of a waist-level wall in front of the building. What do I like about the photo? As you probably know abstract photography is my favourite style and for this photo it’s the simplicity of the photo and the straight lines.

I enjoy spotting a scene that others overlook; most people that walk past this location probably wouldn’t glance twice at the (very) red rear of the building, yet alone stop to photograph it.

Red abstract

08 Jul

Galway Fringe Festival 2016

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Galway Fringe Festival 2016

The Galway Fringe Festival kicks off on Saturday, 9th of July. It runs for just over 2 weeks, closing on the 25th of July. The Galway Fringe Festival is a boutique multidisciplinary Arts Festival based in Galway City and encompasses visual art, music, theatre, dance, literature, cabaret and exciting street spectacles. And I’m proud to announce that I have a photography exhibition in this year’s Fringe Festival, entitled Beautiful Galway.

Galway Fringe Festival

Galway landscape photo from my exhibition

One of the main differences between The Galway Fringe Festival and the Galway International Arts Festival is that the Fringe Festival offers more of a platform for home-grown artists than the Galway International Arts Festival. The Galway International Arts Festival also has an astronomically bigger budget compared to the Fringe Festival and events cost more than the Fringe Festival. You could call the Fringe Festival The Arts Festival’s little sister.

My exhibition takes a slight departure from my abstract photography; it features landscapes, a pub scene and a colourful window of a thatched cottage. My exhibition is located in Columban Hall (the old church), which is on Sea Road (near Kia restaurant). I hope you find the time to call in for a browse and enjoy my photos and the other exhibitions on display.

10 May

Loughrea Lake photo in Loughrea restaurant

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Last year, driving home from the Galway International Rally I was passing Loughrea Lake which had a blanket of fog over it. So I parked and captured some photos of the fog and sky reflecting on Loughrea Lake. Sometime later I found out that Taste Matters restaurant in Loughrea exhibit photos from the public on their walls.

I contacted the owner and, low and behold, my photo is now exhibiting (and for sale) in Taste Matters restaurant. It’s the center piece photo of the exhibition and I have to admit that I’m extremely proud of it. If you’re in Loughrea or passing you now have an extra excuse to visit a fabulous restaurant.

Photo exhibition Taste Matters

Loughrea Lake

06 Apr

Claregalway Friary

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On my drive/cycle to work each day I pass through Claregalway and the ruins of Claregalway Friary. On this clear blue sky morning I pulled in, walked downstream to this viewpoint. I’ve taken several photos of Claregalway Friary before but none from this angle; I like how the tree branches frame the friary and it’s a slightly different angle from where I’ve taken photos before.

Galway Church