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30 May

Pearse stadium

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Pearse stadium

Pearse Stadium before throw in for Galway vs Roscommon in the Connacht senior football final. Galway won 2-19 to 2-16.

Pearse is the main GAA stadium in Galway, Ireland & is used for gaelic (football) and hurling teams use the stadium for their home games. The stadium is in Salthill & has a capacity of 26,197.

29 Mar

Shandon Bells & Tower St Anne’s Church Abstract

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The top of Shandon Bells & Tower, St Anne's Church peeping out from above a rooftop.
Shandon Bells

The Church of St Anne is a Church of Ireland church located in the Shandon district of Cork city in Ireland. Built between 1722 and 1726, it is situated on a hill overlooking the River Lee. The church tower is a noted landmark and symbol of the city and can be seen from all around the city.  Its red sandstone (North & East) and white ashlar limestone (South & West) are believed to have given rise to the sporting colours of Cork.

The church is known as ‘the four faced liar’ by local wits who noticed that the four clocks were not always in agreement of the exact time. It’s also simply called ‘The Shandon Bells.’

Tourists can climb to the top of Shandon Bells and enjoy a view across Cork city. Inside the Shandon Bells people enjoy pulling the ropes, which rings the bells. Sheets of music help you to ring out a range of songs. It’s a little known tourist spot, but one I highly recommend.

The top of adorned by a giant salmon shaped weather vane,  known locally as ‘de goldie fish’  and is over four meters long and painted in gold leaf.  It symbolises the salmon fishing industry, which was a major employer in years gone by.

25 Feb

Thank you for the music, For giving it to me

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Ute Dinneen and John Dinneen

3 years gone but always in my heart.

Today is the 3 year anniversary of my mothers passing away. They took this happy photo on their honeymoon (the wandered around the Middle East, an off-the-beaten track honeymoon!). The photo always makes me smile; they look so happy & carefree, on the beginning of a lifelong adventure together.

Ute (I called my parents by their first name) was German (Ute Unger full name before , came to Ireland on a holiday, met John, my dad by chance and the rest, as they say, is history. She definitely had a love for life- classical music, arts & culture, travelling, reading, chocolate amongst others. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree & I’m proud to have many of her traits & interests.

21 Mar

Deserted Galway- Coronavirus (Covid 19)

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With all pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants forced to close & multiple other shops choosing to close towns and cities around Ireland are virtually deserted. This is all in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid 19).

I wandered around Galway city center this morning, virtually all shops were closed and very few people were around. It felt extremely surreal but is a vital part of self isolation & an attempt to prevent the coronavirus spreading.

Shop Street, the main shopping street in Galway is normally extremely busy but looks like a ghost town. All busineses will obviously hit hard financially but with customers staying away & not wanting to catch the conronvirus most businesses have wisely choosen to temporiarly close.

The Latin Quarter in Galway always has buskers outside Evergreen health store but there wasn’t a musical note to be heard this morning.

20 Mar

Galway vs Dublin gaelic Division 1 league

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Galway hosted Dublin in Pearse stadium, Salthill in Galway. Galway had already qualified for the Division 1 league final, Dublin only needing 1 point from their remaining 2 games. But this was still a hard hitting, competitive match.

Galway held a 5 point lead at halftime but with the wind in the second half Dublin powered back (don’t they always?) and looked like winning the match by going 0-13 to 0-12 up deep in injury time. The Dublin team then appeared to try to close the game down, I managed to capture some photos of the ‘action’:

Galway Dublin GAA fighting
Galway Dublin GAA fighting
Galway Dublin GAA fighting
Galway Dublin GAA fighting
Galway Dublin GAA fighting
Galway Dublin GAA fighting

Here’s some photos from the game itself to prove that a match took place as well…..

Galway vs Dublin GAA

Galway vs Dublin GAA

Galway vs Dublin GAA

Galway vs Dublin GAA


Galway: Ronán Ó Beoláin; David Wynne, Seán Andy Ó Cellaigh, Eoghan Kerin; Gary O’Donnell (0-02), Johnny Duane, Cathal Sweeney; Thomas Flynn, Ciarán Duggan; Peter Cooke (0-02), Paul Conroy, Shane Walsh (0-01); Adrian Varley (0-01), Seán Armstrong, Barry McHugh (0-05, 0-03 frees, 0-01 ’45).

Subs: Eamonn Brannigan for Varley (41), Damien Comer (0-01) for Walsh (46), Johnny Heaney (0-01) for Cooke (50), Seán Kelly for Armstrong (57), Declan Kyne for Ó Ceallaigh (76, black card).

Dublin: Evan Comerford; Michael Fitzsimons, Philip McMahon, David Byrne; Eric Lowndes, John Small, Jonny Cooper (0-01); Michael Darragh MacAuley, James McCarthy; Ciarán Reddin, Ciarán Kilkenny (0-05), Paddy Andrews (0-01); Colm Basquel, Dean Rock (0-02, 0-02 frees), Paddy Small (0-01, 0-01 free).

Subs: Brian Fenton for Lowndes (half time), Cormac Costello (0-02, 0-02 frees) for Rock (48, black card), Conor McHugh (0-01, 0-01 free) for Reddin (50), Emmet Ó Conghaile for MacAuley (59), Eoghan O’Gara for Paddy Small (63), Andrew McGowan for John Small (67).

Referee: Joe McQuillan (Cavan).
Slots bonus available.!!

11 Sep

The cow on the farm goes, moo, moo, moo

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Close up photo of a cow

Close up photo of a cow

A close up photo of a cow in a field in Galway.

Cows are extremely curious animals and will always approach somebody. They’ll also hoof it away at the slightest sudden movement (hoof it- run). This close up cow photo was taken on my smartphone in Galway.

For most people living in Ireland it’s hard to fathom that many people live their daily lives without ever seeing cows, or any other livestock. Once you leave the city centers in Ireland most have sheep, cows etc. in the fields.

22 Jul

Pairc Ui Chaoimh

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Páirc Uí Chaoimh is a Gaelic games stadium in Cork, Ireland, home to Cork GAA. Pairc Ui Chaoimh stadium is located in Ballintemple and is built on the site of the original Cork Athletic Grounds. The venue opened in 1976, and underwent a significant redevelopment from 2015 to 2017. You can view images of the completed stadium on

I’m used to large crowds in Pairc Ui Caoimh on sunny summer Sundays seeing Cork yet win another hurling or football game (the glorious ’80s and ’90s). In 2011 I was walking with my son around the Atlantic Pond was allowed into the stadium to have a wander around. I know Pairc Ui Caoimh was opened in 1976, so you could call it an old stadium but I was still amazed at how small and dark the changing rooms were.

16 Aug

Galway baby at Croke Park

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Galway faced Tipperary in the semi final of the GAA hurling final at Croke Park in the middle of August. Our whole family decided to make the journey from Galway to Dublin for the occasion. My two older children both play gaelic and hurling/camogie (boys play hurling, girls play camogie; don’t ask me what the difference is) so they were excited at the prospect of their first visti to Croke Park for the big game.

Kate, 10 months old was decked out in the Galway colours and we were wondering would she last the whole game. I don’t know if she’s a great baby or that we just were lucky but not only did she last the whole game without crying or screaming but she seemed to enjoy the event. When the crowd roared she looked around, smiled and started clapping. This picture is of her and me at the bottom of the Cusack lower stand. It’s a photo that will be framed on our wall at home and a lovely memory of our first family outing to Croke Park.

Tipperary jut about ended up winning, by a score of 2-19 to 2-18 (3 points for a goal, so 25 points to 24 points).Tipperary will now play Kilkenny in the All Ireland Hurling Final on September 3rd.

A happy baby supporting Galway in the hurling at Croke Park

26 Jul

Red Hot- Lahinch building

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This is one of those ‘Marmite’ photographs; people could either hate or love it. It’s the back of a building in Lahinch, county Clare on the West coast of Ireland. The dark brown part of the photo is the top of a waist-level wall in front of the building. What do I like about the photo? As you probably know abstract photography is my favourite style and for this photo it’s the simplicity of the photo and the straight lines.

I enjoy spotting a scene that others overlook; most people that walk past this location probably wouldn’t glance twice at the (very) red rear of the building, yet alone stop to photograph it.

Red abstract

08 Jul

Galway Fringe Festival 2016

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Galway Fringe Festival 2016

The Galway Fringe Festival kicks off on Saturday, 9th of July. It runs for just over 2 weeks, closing on the 25th of July. The Galway Fringe Festival is a boutique multidisciplinary Arts Festival based in Galway City and encompasses visual art, music, theatre, dance, literature, cabaret and exciting street spectacles. And I’m proud to announce that I have a photography exhibition in this year’s Fringe Festival, entitled Beautiful Galway.

Galway Fringe Festival

Galway landscape photo from my exhibition

One of the main differences between The Galway Fringe Festival and the Galway International Arts Festival is that the Fringe Festival offers more of a platform for home-grown artists than the Galway International Arts Festival. The Galway International Arts Festival also has an astronomically bigger budget compared to the Fringe Festival and events cost more than the Fringe Festival. You could call the Fringe Festival The Arts Festival’s little sister.

My exhibition takes a slight departure from my abstract photography; it features landscapes, a pub scene and a colourful window of a thatched cottage. My exhibition is located in Columban Hall (the old church), which is on Sea Road (near Kia restaurant). I hope you find the time to call in for a browse and enjoy my photos and the other exhibitions on display.

10 May

Loughrea Lake photo in Loughrea restaurant

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Last year, driving home from the Galway International Rally I was passing Loughrea Lake which had a blanket of fog over it. So I parked and captured some photos of the fog and sky reflecting on Loughrea Lake. Sometime later I found out that Taste Matters restaurant in Loughrea exhibit photos from the public on their walls.

I contacted the owner and, low and behold, my photo is now exhibiting (and for sale) in Taste Matters restaurant. It’s the center piece photo of the exhibition and I have to admit that I’m extremely proud of it. If you’re in Loughrea or passing you now have an extra excuse to visit a fabulous restaurant.

Photo exhibition Taste Matters

Loughrea Lake

06 Apr

Claregalway Friary

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On my drive/cycle to work each day I pass through Claregalway and the ruins of Claregalway Friary. On this clear blue sky morning I pulled in, walked downstream to this viewpoint. I’ve taken several photos of Claregalway Friary before but none from this angle; I like how the tree branches frame the friary and it’s a slightly different angle from where I’ve taken photos before.

Galway Church

09 Feb

Where is Patrick?

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Hi everyone. If you follow me on RSS or visit my site from time to time you’ll have noticed that I haven’t posted any blog posts in quite some time (sorry!). I just wanted to pop my head above the water to explain why. I haven’t fallen out of love with photography, the main reason is that my wife had a baby girl in September. And as anyone who has children knows they’re very time consuming! Kate is almost 5 months young now, she’s a smiling, happy toddler. So we now have 3 children and are kept very busy. This is a photo from when Kate was 7 weeks young:

I’m not sure if Instagram is a reason that I’m posting less here but it could be. I only post photos from my smart phone to Instagram whereas the vast majority of photos on would be taken with my Dslr or compact camera but it’s an outlet for me to ‘publish’ photos & I tend to get more comments on it compared to on I find it’s so quick and easy to post a photo on Instgram compared to posting a photo on a website. As I mentioned in a previous blog post you can find me at I’ve had an account for a while but it was ‘hibernating’. I’ll be posting similar photos to what I post here- abstract, abstract and more abstract. Oh, and some other stuff too- patterns, everyday smiley faces and more. Everything that I post on Instagram is taken from my smartphone, if I love an Instagram photo I might post it here too.

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26 Nov

Black Friday- 50% discount on everything

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I’m offering 50% off every product type in my Buy Prints page until midnight, 3rd of December. Photos, phone covers, greeting cards, canvases and more; 50% discount on everything. The discount will appear on the Checkout page after you apply the code ‘NJRYHG’.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful and original image start browsing now.Please note the Fine Art America’s costs and shipping costs are fixed and discount does not apply to these.

I’ll leave you with this video, explaining why Black Friday is called ‘Black Friday’

06 Nov

Vinyl Record Photographs

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I own a macro lens, love music so recently I wanted to try photographing the grooves in a vinyl record. So I bought a Columbia long play vinyl record in my local charity store and brought it home to begin photographing it. Unfortunately I realised that when viewing macro photos of the grooves that you can spot dust/static build up EVERYWHERE. As I don’t have an anti-static record cleaning brush I decided to focus on the packaging & also take some abstract photos of the vinyl.

In the first two photos I wanted to show the care that is needed with vinyl; most young people nowadays have probably never held a vinyl record so these guidelines would be alien to them. The first photo shows the vinyl is old; the text is beginning to fade, the record cover is wrinkled and creased.

Handle With Great Care

Vinyl record sleeve Handle with great care

Vinyl Collage

vinyl collage

Vinyl Abstract Photos

Abstract is my favourite style of photography so I had to try to capture some abstract photos and am very pleased with these results. In the first vinyl abstract photo I went for a very minimalistic look, turned the vinyl to pitch black while saturating the colours to make the photo pop.

Minimalistic Vinyl

Columbia vinyl record
The last vinyl abstract photo is my favourite, maybe because it’s the most abstract and colourful. I set the shutter to 1/2 a second and panned the lens across the vinyl grooves. In post-processing I played around with a few settings to obtain the colourful effects. For some people this could be an awful photo but I love it.

Colourful Vinyl Abstract
colourful vinyl abstract

16 Oct

Limited Time discount

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Hi everyone,
This colourful photo of a man outside The Crane Bar in Galway is one of my favourite photos. I have 10 canvas prints (20″ by 16″) of it on discount sale ($60/€52) for the next 5 days. It could make a great Christmas present. Please share with anyone who you think might like it.

The Crane bar is an old school, traditional pub in the heart of Galway city and is home to traditional Irish music each evening.


13 Oct

Staying motivated in photography

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Staying motivated in photography

Although many photographer hobbyist love photography with a passion (addiction?) most go through phases when they’re very inactive, sometimes not taking any photos for months on end. It can be difficult to dedicate time to photography when you have a job, family and other commitments. There are many methods to stay motivated in photography, including the taking a photo every day, called Project 365, trying new styles of photography, create a book, use one lens only, entering competition/challenges and more. I like to take part in photo challenges, especially on photography forum. Photography forum have fortnightly challenges, the photo with most ‘likes’ wins and the winner selects the next challenge. There’s no prize (expect for kudos…) but I find it a great way for staying motivated in photography, keep taking photographs and also for themes/styles that might be outside your comfort zone or just styles of photography that you wouldn’t normally shoot. What makes the challenge for me is that your entries have to be taken during the challenge period, thus making you ‘get out there’ with your camera. The past few challenges on have included ‘The Rules of Odds‘, ‘Water, unsalted‘ and ‘Symmetry.’

These morning dew drops were my 3 entries for Water, Unsalted, the last one (my favourite) is a crop from the 2nd picture and almost won. I used a 100mm f2.8 macro lens on my front garden to capture the early morning dew drops. Luckily no neighbours drove by; they’d have wondered what I was doing, lying down on my driveway at 7 in the morning. Which of the 3 photos is your favourite, and why?

Morning Dew

Dew Drops

Dew Drop

Lastly what methods do you use for staying motivated in photography please?

30 Sep now on Instagram

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I want to let everyone know that I’m now active on Instagram, you can find me at I’ve had an account for a while but it was ‘hibernating’. I’ll be posting similar photos to what I post here- abstract, abstract and more abstract. Oh, and some other stuff too- patterns, everyday smiley faces and more. A lot of what I’ll post to Instagram I won’t post here, however if I love an Instagram photo I might post it on my website too.

What I love about Instagram is how simple it is; you can share a photo in seconds whereas a blog post here takes more time. If you have an Instagram account too why not comment with your username and I might follow you. These are some of my recent Instagram photos:

18 Sep

Galway Strong Man Challenge

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Hang on for dear life! Galway Strong Man Challenge
This Strong Man Challenge has been on Shop Street, Galway for a few weeks and is attracting large crowds. People can win €200 if they can hold onto the bar for 2 minutes without falling off, and it costs €10 to try your luck. This unfortunate man was just a mere seconds away from winning but eventually fell. There was a large, enthusiastic crowd gathered and you can see their encouragement and cheering as they though he was going to win. The con or trick is that the bar you hold onto has an inner bar and if you relax your grip the outer bar begins to slowly rotate.

Galway street challenge

08 Sep

Galway Minor Hurling- All Ireland Champions

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Visit to Turloughmore GAA

The Galway minor hurling team won the 2015 GAA hurling minor championship, beating Tipperary 4-13 to 1-16 in Croke Park in the final. The team arrived back in Galway with the Irish Press cup and visited some clubs around Galway county to large crowds of fans.

Manager Geoff Lynskey of Liam Mellows, captain Seán Loftus and others gave speeches to a great crowd of fans in Turloughmore GAA club. The players made time to sign autographs, hurleys, jerseys and have their photos taken with the admiring kids.

Galway Minor Hurling (12)

Galway Minor Hurling (2)
Galway Minor Hurling (3)
Galway Minor Hurling (4)
Galway Minor Hurling (5)
Galway Minor Hurling (6)
Galway Minor Hurling (7)
Galway Minor Hurling (1)
Galway Minor Hurling (9)
Galway Minor Hurling (10)
Galway Minor Hurling (11)

21 Aug

Athenry Mart

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Athenry Mart

An artist and neighbour of mine, Kathy Ross has some of her work in a very unique exhibition by Athenry M Artists Group-local artists. The art features the mart (the cattle, people and the mart building itself) and is on display in one of the mart rings. It’s the perfect environment to house the exhibition as the mart is an integral part of Athenry town. Visitors can associate to the art more as there’s cattle, farmers around them and they are in the buildings featured in the art.

I visited the exhibition recently and experienced my first cattle mart as well. What can I say about it? It’s an experience & a man’s world; the musical, almost singing voice of the auctioneer, the farmers, cattle and surprisingly quick sales.

Athenry Mart (2)

Athenry Mart (4)

Athenry Mart (3)

Athenry Mart (5)

Athenry Mart (7)Athenry Mart (6)

18 Aug

Got Milk?

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Got Milk?

Got Milk?

14 Aug

John Grant, Galway Arts Festival

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John Grant, Galway Arts Festival

John Grant played The Big Top tent at the 2015 Galway Arts Festival; he was bumped up to the main act when Sinead O Connor had to cancel. I’m a big fan of John Grant so was delighted to be lucky enough to obtain a Press Pass for his concert. The only downside was the all photographers have to leave the pit after 3 songs; for 2 of the 3 songs John Grant sat at a piano!

The first photo is one my favourite I’ve taken in a long time. John Grant isn’t your shiny, polished musician; he’s endured many tough times including hardship, illness, homophobia, addiction and heartbreak. To me this photo represents John Grant laid bare, pure blackness around him (could be the hardships that he’s endured) opening his soul.

John Grant Galway

John Grant Galway Arts Festival

This photo I took from the back of The Big Top (the venue) and the crowd in the foreground make the photo for me.

John Grant at Galway Arts Festival

The last photo is one I couldn’t resist adding; he has a song called Outer Space this photo fits it perfectly I think!

John Grant Outer Space

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the great works of John Grant he’s a song of his, the lyrics are an example of his sharp,dry wit.

10 Jul

Galway Fringe Festival

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Galway City is in the running to be the European City of Culture in 2020 and would be a wordy winner I think. In the summer Galway really comes to life with multiple festivals; The Galway Races, Galway Arts Festival, Galway Film Fleadh, the Galway Fringe Festival and more. Galway Fringe Festival
The Galway Fringe Festival is a multidisciplinary Arts Festival encompassing visual art, music, theatre, dance, literature, cabaret and events and runs from July 11th to 27th inclusive. The beauty of the Fringe Festival is that it’s an open access festival, meaning that everyone is welcome to participate and perform.

I’m proud to announce that I have an exhibition in this years’ festival. Seeing as Galway is in the running for the European City of Culture I decided that Galway would be my theme. As abstract is my favourite style of photography I couldn’t leave it out so there’s a mix of Galway and abstract in my photos. My exhibiton
will be on display in Galway Shopping Centre, Headford Road.

07 Jul

Pentax Cake for my 40th Birthday

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Often with photographers you never see picture of the person behind the camera and it’s true with me too. So here’s a rare photo of my at my surprise 40th birthday.* I’m a chocoholic so of course the cake was make of chocolate and had an edible Pentax camera on top.

My wife and I went out for dinner to celebrate her birthday, afterwards we went to Massimos pub in Galway City to meet a friend. There was no sign of him but my wife said to have a look in the backroom and when I opened the curtain I was shocked to see the surprise party waiting. A big thanks to everyone for turning up, hope ye all had as good a night as I did. And a special thanks to Debbie, my wife, for planning and organising it.

* It’s not my 40th birthday until the middle of July but as we’ll be abroad on holidays my wife organised my surprise birthday in advance. I have to congratulate her on all the effort she put into planning the night, contacting friends and somehow managing to keep the whole thing a secret; I was absolutely astonished and loved the surprise.

Pentax Cake

Pentax Cake

26 Jun

Old Man At The End Of The Bar,Irish Pub

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Westport is a beautiful, picturesque town in Mayo, West Ireland and is home to several traditional old style Irish pubs. One of my favourite is The Porter House which won ‘Best Music Bar Award’ at the Licensing World Bar Awards. I enjoyed a pint in The Porter House and noticed this man and immediately thought that it’d make a great (if somewhat stereotypical Irish pub) photo. It has all the ingredients of the stereotype; an old man at the end of the bar, drinking Guinness, GAA on the tv.

Irish Pub

Irish Pub

21 Jun

Father’s Day

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This is an old photo but I’m reposting it as it’s Father’s Day today. So Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Who do you love?

12 Jun

Irish Country Life

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Again, here’s two photos and I’m wondering which people prefer; colour or black and white? Ireland contains many back roads that become narrower from overgrown hedges, thrones etc. People often clear these rural roads by hand. This old man I met seemed in good spirits and was happy to let me take a photo of him.

ireland old man

rural Ireland

19 May

Lisbon Tram- which version do you prefer?

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The lively city of Lisbon operates a delightful tram network of quaint old trams that lurch and screech around the narrow streets of the capital. The photo below, Lisbon Tram, was taken with my HTC One smartphone on an enjoyable night out (what other kinds of nights out are there in Lisbon?) It proves the old photography phrase that the best camera you have is the one you have on you. The different effects were done very quickly and simply using Flickr’s built in editor.

For me this image captures the spirit of a Lisbon; nightlife, relaxed people, the tram, graffiti and steep roads. I’ve only been to Lisbon once but already I’m looking forward to visiting again and would recommend it to anyone; lively city, lovely people, good nightlife, warm weather and a beach.
Which version of the photo do you prefer and why?

1. Original

Lisbon Tram

Lisbon Tram

    11 Apr

    Galway United, Eamonn Deacy Park

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    Eamonn Deacy Park is home to Galway United F.C in Galway. I was passing Eamonn Deacy Park stadium today, had my camera in the car so stopped at the stadium. The kind staff didn’t mind me taking some photos (thanks!). The seats are maroon and white as Galway’s traditional colours are maroon and white. Pearse Stadium, home to Galway G.A.A also has the same seating colouring (link to my photos of Pearse Stadium are below these photos.)

    eamonn deacy park

    Galway United (2)

    eamonn deacy park stand

    Galway United (1)

    Galway United (3)

    Galway United (4)

    Galway United eamonn deacy park

    Galway United (7)

    09 Apr

    Fota Wildlife Park

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    My family had a lovely, fun day at Fota Wildlife Park in Cork last weekend. The giraffes weren’t camera shy and even seemed curious of the public. I firstly took a normal photo of a giraffe and then tried a few different angles. Which photo do you like best?



    01 Mar

    SAP Walldorf Architecture

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    SAP Walldorf Architecture

    SAP SE is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP SE headquarters are in Walldorf, Germany and is home to over 14,000 employees in multiple buildings.

    In this set I wanted to reduce the buildings to simple lines and patterns. The first photo (SAP building 21) provides you with an idea of what some of the buildings look like; the rest are somewhat abstract but still striking. By converting the photos to black and white removes further distractions and allows you to simply appreciate the simplicity of the lines and patterns. Run Simple is the new slogan of SAP and these photos do ‘run simple’.

    SAP Walldorf building 21

    SAP Walldorf abstract architecture

    SAP Germany building

    SAP Walldorf

    SAP Walldorf walkway bridge

    SAP Abstract

    SAP walkway

    SAP abstract architecture

    SAP architecture

    SAP Walldorf building 1

    SAP building Walldorf

    SAP Walldorf buildings

    SAP Walldorf building 19

    22 Feb

    Galway International Rally

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    The 2015 Galway International Rally took place this weekend and these are my first attempt at photographing rally driving.
    Galway International Rally took place February 7th and 8th 2015 and Donegal man Donagh Kelly and navigator Kevin Flanagan won the event. 2015 marked the 44th anniversary of the Galway rally which began in 1971. Over the years the Galway International Rally has attracted entrants from England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, the former Czechoslovakia, France, America, Gambia, Belgium, Arabia, Norway and Finland.

    The rally, based in the Clayton Hotel, Ballybrit took place in the Gort area and had a total of 14 stages, I took these on the Sunday morning.

    05 Feb

    Marmite photo- love it or hate it

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    This could be a ‘Marmite‘ photo; you either love it or hate it. For me it conjures up speed, maybe The Millenium Falcon from Star Wars hitting Warp Speed with everything blurred and stars appearing as white lines. This was a long exposure photo of the beach and sea, I added the red colour when processing and really like the abstract result.
    Abstract photo- hitting warp speed

    20 Jan

    Galway Bay Seascape abstract

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    This seascape abstract photo mightn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m guessing that a lot of people will think it’s dull and drab. But some people might really like it; I do anyway. It’s a slightly long exposure (1/40 second) photo of a small wave, the water in Galway Bay and an overcast sky. I was hoping for a sunny day so I’d have a bright blue sky, blue water and capture a bright photo; this is the opposite.

    So, why do I like this seascape abstract photo? The simplicity and serenity; I find it extremely calming as there’s nothing to grab your eye’s attention. The straight line near the top of the photo and the line of the crest of the small wave create a pattern of kinds. It reminds me, very vaguely of Rhein II by Andreas Gursky (which at $4.3 million, was the world’s most expensive photo for a period of time). You can own Galway Bay Seascape Abstract for over 1/100,000 the cost!

    seascape abstract

    05 Jan

    Looking back at 2014

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    So 2014 has come and gone; while not extremely active it was still an enjoyable photography year for me. Originally my photography website was a simple WordPress blog, which I called Eclectic Images. The title conveyed my photography style (or lack of); capturing anything and everything, having no favourite style. Last year I was browsing through my database of photos trying to select which one to submit to Amateur Photographer magazine and realised that my abstract photos appeal to me the most. I enjoying both the challenge of attempting to capture something differently or uniquely and also how my abstract photos stand out from the norm, which makes them more memorable.

    Which brings me to my highlight of 2014- having my work featured in Readers Portfolio section of Amateur Photographer magazine. Amateur Photographer magazine is the world’s best-selling, longest-running consumer weekly photographic magazine and every week the feature a selection of photographs from a reader. In July I was fortunate enough to have some of my abstract photos showcased:


    My sister-in-law got married in September and I was honoured to be asked to photograph her and Garrett’s big day, below is a small selection. I’m hoping to photograph some more weddings in 2015 so if you know of anyone getting married…..






    Lastly, here are some of my favourite photos from 2014:

    On holidays in Cambrils Park, Spain there is a beautiful fake lighthouse. This photo captures many of my preferred photography styles; slightly abstract, the simplicity and calmness of the scene and a pattern in the colours:

    Cambrilis lighthouse

    I captured this photo at the ‘Croke Park Classic’ American Football match with saw Central Florida (UCF) take on Penn State University. I used a long shutter speed to create this abstract photo of the players looking like ferocious balls of energy:


    I really love the happiness and emotion caught in this one; you can almost hear the women shrieking with joy!


    This makes me smile every time. It was taken at a communion and ‘Time Out’ would be the perfect title. The girl had a fantastic day but here she’s having a little rest.


    I’d like to wish everyone a great 2015; please come back to visit my website, leave a comment if you like a photo in my blog or even buy a print for yourself or as a present for someone.

    05 Dec

    The Recession Is Over

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    The Irish Government and (some of) the media are stating that the recession is over in Ireland. Here’s a snapshot of ‘the good auld days’ when Brian Lenihan famously said “We all partied.”

    The Recession Is Over

    01 Dec

    Satun or a Light bulb and Lampshade Abstract

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    On a recent stay in The Marker Hotel I was having a relaxing lunch with my wife. I excused myself for a moment, picked up my camera (of course it was by my side) walked over to an empty table where an overhanging light and lampshade caught my eye. I experimented, capturing several photos from underneath. This abstract light bulb photo is the result.

    Abstract Light

    21 Nov

    Grand Canal Dock Architecture Abstract

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    I recently had a luxurious stay in The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Dock in Dublin last weekend. The Grand Canal Dock has undergone major recent rejuvenation, now houses some exciting and eye-catching buildings, including The Marker Hotel and the Bord Gais Energy Theatre.

    Both are very striking buildings and I was drawn to the lines and patterns in both. the first four photos are of the Bord Gais Energy Theatre (left)The last three photographs are of the side of the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, an (unknown to me) office building and The Marker Hotel, which has the black and white patchwork design.









    14 Nov

    Lisbon Tram, Portugal

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    I have a very enjoyable weekend break in Lisbon, Portugal recently. A friend of mine, Micky T, was lucky enough to move over there with work and now enjoys 330+ days of rain free sunshine! I’d like to visit again and spend more time with my camera wandering around Lisbon; it’s an extremely old city but it home to a labyrinth of side-streets, old run-down buildings but also beautiful squares, a Moorish castle overlooking the city (Castle of São Jorge) and an old,but massively popular with tourists, tram network.

    I didn’t get to take as many photos as I’d like to but I really like this; it captures tourists, the famous Lisbon tram, old buildings and street lights (and even a small bit of blue sky). Lisbon is a cheap, vibrant and even happens to be on the beach. Hopefully next year I’ll post again with more photos from my next photo.


    31 Oct

    Claire & Garrett wedding, Clonmel

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    The most recent wedding that I photographed was the most special one for me; Claire, my sister in-law was getting married so it was a family affair. Claire and Garrett got married in gorgeous Raheen House, Clonmel on a beautiful sunny day in September. It was an amazing day for everyone, with great location, touching and entertaining speeches, memorable food and lively music. For me I had the unique factor of having my family there; it was a novelty and put an extra smile on my face seeing and photographing my own kids and wife enjoying the day.

    Claire & Garrett decided to have their civil ceremony in Raheen House as well, which is surrounded by lush gardens where I took the post-ceremony photographs. This added to the relaxed atmosphere of the day as we didn’t have to drive to another location for these photographs and miss part of the reception. As a surprise I gave them a wedding box containing a selection of photos from their special day when they returned from their honeymoon.  I believe it’s more personal and enjoyable to be able to view and handle real photos. I wish them both a long, healthy and fabulous married life.

    Thank you so much for our fabulous wedding photographs. We absolutely love them!! It was a pleasure to have you photograph our special day and capture every moment and emotion on our wedding day.- Claire Kelleher


    28 Oct

    Double Bass Long Exposure

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    Galway city is full of street performers entertaining the public all summer (and winter long). I took several photos of a musician playing a double bass but I wasn’t impressed with the photos. So I decided to focus on his hand, which was constantly moving, plucking the strings of the double bass.

    Double Bass Long Exposure Abstract

    11 Oct

    Inverted Skyscraper

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    The photo below is window cleaners washing a skyscraper in Barcelona, Spain. By inverting the photo I think it transforms the photo into something peculiar that challenges you and makes you wonder for a second what the picture actually is.

    Skyscraper Window Cleaning

    03 Oct

    American Football Abstract

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    An abstract photo of UCF (University of Central Florida) taking a kick against Penn State at The Croke Park Classic at Croke Park, Dublin in September.
    American football has a lot of fixed formation and lineouts. By using a slow shutter speed I managed to make the players look like a moving blur but also managed to capture the sense of power and speed.

    American Football Abstract

    25 Sep

    UCF Knights- But All My Friends Are Playing

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    Just a little bit of fun from The Croke Park Classic; an American Football squad have up to 53 players and normally there’s groups of players together on the sideline. Here JJ Worton of the UCF Knights waits on the sideline at The Croke Park Classic in Dublin, Ireland. The UCF Knights were beaten by Penn State in a thrilling American Football match.

    jj worton

    Prints for Sale:

    21 Sep

    Corinthians RFC vs Connemara RFC

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    If you try hard enough…sorry I couldn’t resist the pun.
    Corinthians RFC played Connemara RFC in a thrilling Connacht J1A League Fixture in Galway today. Despite surging into an early lead Corinthians fought back to win a thrilling rugby game 23-22.

    Below Corinthians score a quick try in the 2nd half to get themselves back into the game.

    corinthians rugby (3)
    corinthians rugby (1)
    corinthians rugby (2)

    Corinthians RFC

    09 Sep

    Loom bands (and peace)

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    Loom bands

    Loom bands. Definitely one of the crazes of 2014. Every child seems to have spent the summer making loom bands of all colours and designs. You know that loom bands are a craze when Gerry Adams was spotted wearing one that his television.

    My daughter loves loom bands and has a container full of unmade loom bands and it gave me the idea to create a photo of a ‘sea of colourful loom bands.

    loom bands

    06 Sep

    American Football Croke Park Classic

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    The Croke Park (American Football) Classic was held in Croke Park, Dublin where University of Central Florida hosted Penn State in the 2014 Season Opener. This was the first time UCF and Penn State have played outside the United States and several thousands of American fans made the trip over to Dublin for the event.

    The climax of the game was very exciting; UCF took the lead with under 2 minutes left only for Penn State to win the game with a kick with 3 seconds on the clock.

    When viewing an image click on the icon in the top-right hand corner of the image to view it in larger size.

    02 Sep

    Penn State Nittany Lions at Croke Park Classic

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    Penn State Nittany Lions team leaving Croke Park pitch after the Croke Park Classic in Dublin against UCF Knights. Penn State won with a thrilling finish; scoring a field goal with 3 seconds.

    Penn State Nittany Lions

    08 Aug

    Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

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    The Dome of the Rock is a shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock is now one of the oldest works of Islamic architecture. It has been called ‘Jerusalem’s most recognizable landmark’ and ‘the most recognizable landmark in all of Israel’

    Dome of the Rock Jerusalem