Deserted Galway- Coronavirus (Covid 19)

With all pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants forced to close & multiple other shops choosing to close towns and cities around Ireland are virtually deserted. This is all in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid 19).

I wandered around Galway city center this morning, virtually all shops were closed and very few people were around. It felt extremely surreal but is a vital part of self isolation & an attempt to prevent the coronavirus spreading.

Shop Street, the main shopping street in Galway is normally extremely busy but looks like a ghost town. All busineses will obviously hit hard financially but with customers staying away & not wanting to catch the conronvirus most businesses have wisely choosen to temporiarly close.

The Latin Quarter in Galway always has buskers outside Evergreen health store but there wasn’t a musical note to be heard this morning.

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