Galway baby at Croke Park

Galway faced Tipperary in the semi final of the GAA hurling final at Croke Park in the middle of August. Our whole family decided to make the journey from Galway to Dublin for the occasion. My two older children both play gaelic and hurling/camogie (boys play hurling, girls play camogie; don’t ask me what the difference is) so they were excited at the prospect of their first visti to Croke Park for the big game.

Kate, 10 months old was decked out in the Galway colours and we were wondering would she last the whole game. I don’t know if she’s a great baby or that we just were lucky but not only did she last the whole game without crying or screaming but she seemed to enjoy the event. When the crowd roared she looked around, smiled and started clapping. This picture is of her and me at the bottom of the Cusack lower stand. It’s a photo that will be framed on our wall at home and a lovely memory of our first family outing to Croke Park.

Tipperary jut about ended up winning, by a score of 2-19 to 2-18 (3 points for a goal, so 25 points to 24 points).Tipperary will now play Kilkenny in the All Ireland Hurling Final on September 3rd.

A happy baby supporting Galway in the hurling at Croke Park

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