Lisbon Tram, Portugal

I have a very enjoyable weekend break in Lisbon, Portugal recently. A friend of mine, Micky T, was lucky enough to move over there with work and now enjoys 330+ days of rain free sunshine! I’d like to visit again and spend more time with my camera wandering around Lisbon; it’s an extremely old city but it home to a labyrinth of side-streets, old run-down buildings but also beautiful squares, a Moorish castle overlooking the city (Castle of São Jorge) and an old,but massively popular with tourists, tram network.

I didn’t get to take as many photos as I’d like to but I really like this; it captures tourists, the famous Lisbon tram, old buildings and street lights (and even a small bit of blue sky). Lisbon is a cheap, vibrant and even happens to be on the beach. Hopefully next year I’ll post again with more photos from my next photo.


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