Shandon Bells & Tower St Anne’s Church Abstract

The top of Shandon Bells & Tower, St Anne's Church peeping out from above a rooftop.
Shandon Bells

The Church of St Anne is a Church of Ireland church located in the Shandon district of Cork city in Ireland. Built between 1722 and 1726, it is situated on a hill overlooking the River Lee. The church tower is a noted landmark and symbol of the city and can be seen from all around the city.  Its red sandstone (North & East) and white ashlar limestone (South & West) are believed to have given rise to the sporting colours of Cork.

The church is known as ‘the four faced liar’ by local wits who noticed that the four clocks were not always in agreement of the exact time. It’s also simply called ‘The Shandon Bells.’

Tourists can climb to the top of Shandon Bells and enjoy a view across Cork city. Inside the Shandon Bells people enjoy pulling the ropes, which rings the bells. Sheets of music help you to ring out a range of songs. It’s a little known tourist spot, but one I highly recommend.

The top of adorned by a giant salmon shaped weather vane,  known locally as ‘de goldie fish’  and is over four meters long and painted in gold leaf.  It symbolises the salmon fishing industry, which was a major employer in years gone by.

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