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24 Jan

The Birds- Starling Birds Starlings murmuration in Galway

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Every year thousands of starlings fly in patterns above Lackagh, Galway. This is called murmation and is amazing to watch.
I tried to capture the spirit and fear from Alfred Hitchcocks classic film The Birds. The birds look almost like an invasion of fighter planes in the sky.

starling murmation galway (1)

starling murmation galway (2)

starling murmation galway (3)

starling murmation galway (4)

starling murmation galway

The Birds was the title of a 1960’s popular rhythm and blues band from the UK that contained the (in)famous Ronnie Wood.

20 Feb

Galway Hooker Sculpture Abstract (Blackbird Fly)

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I’m always drawn to the Galway Hooker sculpture in Eyre Square, Galway. I like the rustic look of it and the straight lines and very sharp angles. These are two abstract photographs of the Eyre Square sculpture with a crow resting on it.

eyre square abstract

Galway Hooker Statue

Blackbird Fly is a song by The Beatles, taken from the album The Beatles, a.k.a. The White Album

22 Apr

Bait and Switch ( Heron Bird )

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I had a very relaxing weekend away in Westport and went for an early morning wander with my camera.
This heron was standing under a bridge but flew away as I approached so I thought my chance of a photograph was gone. But it rested by the bank of the river in great light for me. I’m very happy with this photo, light seems just right to me.

Post title is taken from the song titled Bait and Switch by The Shins. I’ve used this title as the heron stands so still that people often think it’s not a real bird. (Thanks to Emily Gallagher for telling me it’s a heron).

30 Jul

Wild, Wild Life

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So I was on holidays for the past week or (a ‘staycation’, I don’t like the phrase but it fits) and we went on a family trip to Fota Wildlife Park. I didn’t get to take as many photos as I’d have liked to as I was there with our kids. I’d love to return sometime on my own so I could spent hours and hours taking loads of photos and sitting waiting to get the perfect cheetah photo.

I did get to ‘play’ with my new Sigma 70-200 f2.8 lens, which I’m delighted with.

29 Apr

Beady Eye

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19 Apr


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An old one from over Christmas

08 Feb

Flock/Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Starlings Murmuration

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There's a massive flock doing 'their' dance very evening at the exact time. Fairly amazing to watch (but I have to shelter from their 'bombardments')

30 Dec

The Black Crows

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Some pictures of birds during the snow. The first two are very similar, I just wanted to show what a bit of editing does. I cropped tighter for the second one so the picture is filled more which I think looks better. I could have come up with a lot of titles, such as ‘I’m still not talking to you’, ‘you talking to me’, ‘bird(s) on a wire’, etc. The last one is just an evil looking crow.
(Click on photo to view full size.)

18 Dec

Snow. Bird.

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A bird, taken from my back window. The winter snow is back.

02 Aug

I Like Birds

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Bird highlights

I can’t look at the rocket launch
The trophy wives of the astronauts
And i won’t listen to their words
’cause i like Birds

11 Oct

I Am The Egg Man

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I was on a trip to Fota Wildlife Park last weekend. I'd recommend it as a great family day out

I was on a trip to Fota Wildlife Park last weekend. I'd recommend it as a great family day out

24 Feb


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