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26 Jul

Red Hot- Lahinch building

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This is one of those ‘Marmite’ photographs; people could either hate or love it. It’s the back of a building in Lahinch, county Clare on the West coast of Ireland. The dark brown part of the photo is the top of a waist-level wall in front of the building. What do I like about the photo? As you probably know abstract photography is my favourite style and for this photo it’s the simplicity of the photo and the straight lines.

I enjoy spotting a scene that others overlook; most people that walk past this location probably wouldn’t glance twice at the (very) red rear of the building, yet alone stop to photograph it.

Red abstract

06 Nov

Vinyl Record Photographs

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I own a macro lens, love music so recently I wanted to try photographing the grooves in a vinyl record. So I bought a Columbia long play vinyl record in my local charity store and brought it home to begin photographing it. Unfortunately I realised that when viewing macro photos of the grooves that you can spot dust/static build up EVERYWHERE. As I don’t have an anti-static record cleaning brush I decided to focus on the packaging & also take some abstract photos of the vinyl.

In the first two photos I wanted to show the care that is needed with vinyl; most young people nowadays have probably never held a vinyl record so these guidelines would be alien to them. The first photo shows the vinyl is old; the text is beginning to fade, the record cover is wrinkled and creased.

Handle With Great Care

Vinyl record sleeve Handle with great care

Vinyl Collage

vinyl collage  

Vinyl Abstract Photos

Abstract is my favourite style of photography so I had to try to capture some abstract photos and am very pleased with these results. In the first vinyl abstract photo I went for a very minimalistic look, turned the vinyl to pitch black while saturating the colours to make the photo pop.

Minimalistic Vinyl

Columbia vinyl record  
The last vinyl abstract photo is my favourite, maybe because it’s the most abstract and colourful. I set the shutter to 1/2 a second and panned the lens across the vinyl grooves. In post-processing I played around with a few settings to obtain the colourful effects. For some people this could be an awful photo but I love it.

Colourful Vinyl Abstract
colourful vinyl abstract

21 Jun

Father’s Day

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This is an old photo but I’m reposting it as it’s Father’s Day today. So Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Who do you love?

19 May

Lisbon Tram- which version do you prefer?

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The lively city of Lisbon operates a delightful tram network of quaint old trams that lurch and screech around the narrow streets of the capital. The photo below, Lisbon Tram, was taken with my HTC One smartphone on an enjoyable night out (what other kinds of nights out are there in Lisbon?) It proves the old photography phrase that the best camera you have is the one you have on you. The different effects were done very quickly and simply using Flickr’s built in editor.

For me this image captures the spirit of a Lisbon; nightlife, relaxed people, the tram, graffiti and steep roads. I’ve only been to Lisbon once but already I’m looking forward to visiting again and would recommend it to anyone; lively city, lovely people, good nightlife, warm weather and a beach.
Which version of the photo do you prefer and why?

1. Original

Lisbon Tram

Lisbon Tram

    11 Apr

    Galway United, Eamonn Deacy Park

    In a. Galway,b. Abstract/Arty,h. Sport by admin / April 11, 2015 / 1 Comment

    Eamonn Deacy Park is home to Galway United F.C in Galway. I was passing Eamonn Deacy Park stadium today, had my camera in the car so stopped at the stadium. The kind staff didn’t mind me taking some photos (thanks!). The seats are maroon and white as Galway’s traditional colours are maroon and white. Pearse Stadium, home to Galway G.A.A also has the same seating colouring (link to my photos of Pearse Stadium are below these photos.)

    eamonn deacy park

    Galway United (2)

    eamonn deacy park stand

    Galway United (1)

    Galway United (3)

    Galway United (4)

    Galway United eamonn deacy park

    Galway United (7)

    20 Jan

    Galway Bay Seascape abstract

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    This seascape abstract photo mightn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m guessing that a lot of people will think it’s dull and drab. But some people might really like it; I do anyway. It’s a slightly long exposure (1/40 second) photo of a small wave, the water in Galway Bay and an overcast sky. I was hoping for a sunny day so I’d have a bright blue sky, blue water and capture a bright photo; this is the opposite.

    So, why do I like this seascape abstract photo? The simplicity and serenity; I find it extremely calming as there’s nothing to grab your eye’s attention. The straight line near the top of the photo and the line of the crest of the small wave create a pattern of kinds. It reminds me, very vaguely of Rhein II by Andreas Gursky (which at $4.3 million, was the world’s most expensive photo for a period of time). You can own Galway Bay Seascape Abstract for over 1/100,000 the cost!

    seascape abstract

    05 Dec

    The Recession Is Over

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    The Irish Government and (some of) the media are stating that the recession is over in Ireland. Here’s a snapshot of ‘the good auld days’ when Brian Lenihan famously said “We all partied.”

    The Recession Is Over

    01 Dec

    Satun or a Light bulb and Lampshade Abstract

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    On a recent stay in The Marker Hotel I was having a relaxing lunch with my wife. I excused myself for a moment, picked up my camera (of course it was by my side) walked over to an empty table where an overhanging light and lampshade caught my eye. I experimented, capturing several photos from underneath. This abstract light bulb photo is the result.

    Abstract Light

    21 Nov

    Grand Canal Dock Architecture Abstract

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    I recently had a luxurious stay in The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Dock in Dublin last weekend. The Grand Canal Dock has undergone major recent rejuvenation, now houses some exciting and eye-catching buildings, including The Marker Hotel and the Bord Gais Energy Theatre.

    Both are very striking buildings and I was drawn to the lines and patterns in both. the first four photos are of the Bord Gais Energy Theatre (left)The last three photographs are of the side of the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, an (unknown to me) office building and The Marker Hotel, which has the black and white patchwork design.









    28 Oct

    Double Bass Long Exposure

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    Galway city is full of street performers entertaining the public all summer (and winter long). I took several photos of a musician playing a double bass but I wasn’t impressed with the photos. So I decided to focus on his hand, which was constantly moving, plucking the strings of the double bass.

    Double Bass Long Exposure Abstract

    11 Oct

    Inverted Skyscraper

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    The photo below is window cleaners washing a skyscraper in Barcelona, Spain. By inverting the photo I think it transforms the photo into something peculiar that challenges you and makes you wonder for a second what the picture actually is.

    Skyscraper Window Cleaning

    03 Oct

    American Football Abstract

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    An abstract photo of UCF (University of Central Florida) taking a kick against Penn State at The Croke Park Classic at Croke Park, Dublin in September.
    American football has a lot of fixed formation and lineouts. By using a slow shutter speed I managed to make the players look like a moving blur but also managed to capture the sense of power and speed.

    American Football Abstract

    09 Sep

    Loom bands (and peace)

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    Loom bands

    Loom bands. Definitely one of the crazes of 2014. Every child seems to have spent the summer making loom bands of all colours and designs. You know that loom bands are a craze when Gerry Adams was spotted wearing one that his television.

    My daughter loves loom bands and has a container full of unmade loom bands and it gave me the idea to create a photo of a ‘sea of colourful loom bands.

    loom bands

    04 Aug


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    Taking a photo of the lighthouse in it’s entirety and surroundings it’s exactly my style; I prefer more abstract. For this photo I was really drawn to the calmness of the clear blue sky and how the colours of the lighthouse complemented the tranquility.

    This was taken in Cambrilis Park, near Salou in Spain on a family holiday.

    Cambrilis lighthouse

    01 May

    Collage of my Itunes Album covers (Album Cover collage)

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    I had some spare time to kill so decided to make an album cover collage of my album covers from my iTunes library. I like mainly indie/alternative (think Pixies, Jesus and Mary Chain, Arcade Fire, Morrissey etc.) and dance/electronic music. The image contains over 920 album covers and I’m planning on framing it to hang up at home. If you’d like to try this yourself visit where you;ll find step-by-step instructions on how to make your own iTunes album cover collage.

    Please click on the image to view the album cover collage in larger size.

    iTunes album covers collage 

    03 Apr

    Abstract Chairs

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    Most of the time scenes, objects to photograph are obvious and everyone can spot them; the beautiful landscape, a stunning building etc. I don’t have any one particular style of photography, I tend to photograph anything and everything that cathes my eye. I do seem to enjoy finding something less obvious and capturing it.

    I think this abstract photo of a stack of chairs is a good example. They were stacked under a doorway somewhere in the Albert Docks in Liverpool. I like the patterns created and how a simple stack of chairs can become something abstract and worth photographing (to me anyway.)


    10 Dec

    Keep The Car Running- photo for ‘Negative Space’ challenge

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    On a photography forum that I frequent they have regular competitions/challenges and the current one is entitled Negative Space. I was driving to work and trying to think of a suitable photo and noticed my car petrol light came on. Bingo, it represented negative space perfectly I thought.

    Negative Space

    Keep The Car Running is a song title from Arcade Fire

    14 Oct

    Crocs All Cast Duck Boots (These Boots Were Made For Walking)

    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / October 14, 2013 / 3 Comments

    My kind wife got me a pair of Crocs clogs for Christmas and I can honestly say that they’re the most comfortable thing you’ll ever put your feet into. Really! Don’t knock Crocs until your feet have tried them.

    Anyway, the kind people at Crocs gave me a present of two pairs of Crocs boots. These boots are Crocs All Cast Duck Boot and will keep my feet warm as well as comfortable with this winter.
    So one cold, frosty morning I undertook this photo shoot on the green in front of my house. If any neighbours spotted me they must have been thinking I was gone a bit mad!

    Crocs All Cast DuckBoot (2)
    Crocs All Cast DuckBoot (3)
    Crocs All Cast DuckBoot (4)
    Crocs All Cast Duck Boot
    Crocs All Cast DuckBoot
    Crocs All Cast DuckBoot (1)
    These Boots Were Made For Walking is a song written by Lee Hazlewood and recorded by Nancy Sinatra.

    (the small print)
    Think you know Crocs? We bet you didn’t know this was Crocs.
    The brand has evolved taking what it knows best – Comfort – to a stylish array of boots, sneakers and flats.

    Crocs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX) is a world leader in innovative casual footwear for men, women and children with more than $1 billion in annual revenue. The company offers several distinct shoe collections with more than 300 four-season footwear styles. All CrocsT shoes feature CrosliteT material, a proprietary, revolutionary technology that gives each pair of shoes the soft, comfortable, lightweight, non-marking and odour-resistant qualities that Crocs wearers know and love. Crocs fans “Get Crocs Inside” every pair of shoes, from the iconic clog to new sneakers, sandals, boots and heels. Since its inception in 2002, Crocs has sold more than 200 million pairs of shoes in more than 90 countries around the world.
    Get social with Crocs –

    17 Sep

    (Al) Green Is Love

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    I like repetitive patterns….

    Al Green Is Love

    Al Green Is Love is the title of an album by Al Green

    14 Jul

    The Lazy Sunbather

    In b. Abstract/Arty,g.Colourful by admin / July 14, 2013 / 0 Comments

    On holidays this summer I left my Dslr camera and lenses at home and just brought a compact camera with me. There were a few occasions where I missed my camera but overall found it handy having a compact that I could carry around with everywhere. We lazed around the swimming pool a lot so a compact was perfect for family snapshots.

    the lazy sunbather

    Post title ‘The Lazy Sunbather’ is a song title from Morrissey’s great album Vauxhall and I.

    26 Jun

    Abstract bubbles (Green Day)

    Up until now I’ve thought that I didn’t have any preferred one style of photographs. People ask me what type of photographs I shoot and I’d always say an eclectic mix/anything and everything that catches my eye.
    I enjoy photographing my kids, trying different sports (rugby- very enjoyable, soccer- much more difficult than I anticipated, boxing- difficult to position yourself in ideal location), urban, architecture, patterns, urban and many more.

    But while looking through my favoured photographs on my computer I began to notice that there is a trend; a lot of abstract photos. I’ve found that I often try to take a ‘new’ photograph, meaning that most items have been photographed thousands of times and the vast majority look very similar. So by trying to capture something in a new/different way it makes my photograph somewhat unique and more memorable. And it’s also a challenge to me which I enjoy.

    This is a photograph of bubbles in a pink plastic bowl. The initial result was mundane but by inverting the colours it changes it to a very different photograph; to me it looks like cells under a microscope.

    Green Day

    Post title Green Day is the name of an American Rock band

    18 Jun

    hundreds and thousands (Colors and colors)

    A photograph of baking food ‘hundreds and thousands’.

    Up until now I’ve always said that I don’t have a favourite style of photogrpahy. But more and more recently I’ve noticed that my favourite photographs seem to be abstract photographys. Which to me is beginning to make sense. I’ve also mentioned that I often try to take a photograph from a different perspective. Why? Most ‘common’ photographed items (landmarks etc.) are shot from the same spot and look very similar so none of them really stand out from the crowd. So, by photographing from a different perspective makes it more memorable and unique I think.

    Or maybe it’s just that I don’t get out to photograph as often as I’d like to so I sometimes end up around my house with my camera looking for things to photograph and think what could make a good photo. Like this container of hundreds and thousands; I lay them out on a flat baking tray and like the result. I think it’d look even more impressive on a large acrylic print on my wall.


    Colors and colors are lyrics from the catchy song ‘Colors’ by Hot Chip

    02 Jun

    Inverted Coloured Straws (Cherry Coloured Funk)

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    A bunch of straws turned into an abstract photograph by inverting the colours of the photograph.

    colors abstract

    Cherry Coloured Funk is a song from the album Heaven Or Las Vegas by the magnificent Cocteau Twins. I think the colours in this photography vaguely match the abstrct colours on the album cover Heaven Or Las Vegas.

    16 Apr

    The Vinyl Collection

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    The Vinyl Collection

    I was strolling down a side street in Brussles and several boxes of vinyl albums outside a store caught my eye. As a music lover I was curious as to what the albums were and as a photographer I saw a potentially nice photograph- great vibrant colours that would make a great abstract photograph.

    the vinyl collection

    The Vinyl Collection is the title of an album by Norah Jones.

    09 Apr

    Brussels Skateboarding Park (Heaven Is a Halfpipe)

    Brussels Skateboarding Park

    During my recent holiday in Brussels I came across a skateboarding park and snapped some photos of the kids hanging out there.
    I returned two days later with my sports lens and some dedicated time to capture the skateboarders in action. But, unfortunately there was only a few very young kids there and they weren’t throwing any great shapes. Still, I like the vibe in these photos and think I caught the ‘too cool for school’ attitude of the kids.

    brussels skateboard (4)

    brussels skateboard park

    brussels skateboarding park

    Heaven Is A Halfpipe is a song by OPM

    08 Apr

    There’s A Light On, Heavy Glow

    In b. Abstract/Arty,g.Colourful by admin / April 8, 2013 / 0 Comments

    I stumbled accross a massive antique store in Brussels last week and spent a while browsing around. This photograph is a lamp that was like a bright sun glowing in the dark shop. The large round metal lampshade gave it this great effect.

    Theres A Light On Heavy Glow

    Post title “There’s a light on, heavy glow” are lyrics from ‘By The Way’ by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

    06 Mar

    David Bowie- The Next Day

    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / March 6, 2013 / 2 Comments

    David Bowie- The Next Day

    Every blog post in my photogrpahy website has a related music title. Why? Because I have a passion for photography and music, this is just a fun thing to link the two together.

    As the whole world knows David Bowie is back. Back with a BANG; his new album The Next Day is getting great reviews. Here I’ve attempted to represent each song from David Bowie’s new album, The Next Day, with a related picture.

    1. The Next Day

    Setting Sun

    2. Dirty Boys

    Boys will be boys

    3.The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

    Suso; the Great White Hope.

    4.Love Is Lost

    When the laughter stops

    5.Where Are We Now?


    6.Valentine’s Day

    What women want, what men want (not the same thing)

    7.If You Can See Me

    Morrissey, Galway 09

    8.I’d Rather Be High

    Out back

    9.Boss Of Me

    The Color of Money

    10.Dancing Out In Space

    Galway Races 2009

    11.How Does The Grass Grow


    12.(You Will) Set The World On Fire

    Who by Fire? Galway Arts Festival 2010

    13.You Feel So Lonely You Could Die

    Just walk on by

    Who by Fire?

    20 Feb

    Galway Hooker Sculpture Abstract (Blackbird Fly)

    In a. Galway,b. Abstract/Arty by admin / February 20, 2013 / 1 Comment

    I’m always drawn to the Galway Hooker sculpture in Eyre Square, Galway. I like the rustic look of it and the straight lines and very sharp angles. These are two abstract photographs of the Eyre Square sculpture with a crow resting on it.

    eyre square abstract

    Galway Hooker Statue

    Blackbird Fly is a song by The Beatles, taken from the album The Beatles, a.k.a. The White Album

    12 Feb

    Fannings Fab 50 in photographs, Part 1

    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / February 12, 2013 / 2 Comments

    Fanning’s Fab 50 2012

    I have a passion for photography and also music. Just in case you aren’t aware I give every blog post a related musical title.
    Each year since 1980 Dave Fanning, Irish rock journalist, has had an annual alternative music poll called Fanning’s Fab Fifty on his radio show. This is decided by a poll of the general public and, since the advent of internet voting, surfers select their own favourite three pieces of music online.

    So I’ve decided to attempt to post 50 photographs of mine, each one to relate somehow to each song of Fanning’s Fab Fifty from 2012. Some will be easy, some more vague. To give you a clue I’ve added the band/artist name with each photograph. The ‘answers’ are below the photographs.

    50. Blur

    49. Grizzly Bear
    While You Were Waiting

    48. White Stripes

    47. Massive Attack

    46. Arcade Fire

    45. Bob Dylan

    44. Lana Del Ray

    43. Bruce Springsteen
    westport river2

    42. U2
    The Fly

    41. The Pogues

    40. Radiohead

    Dave Fanning is an Irish rock journalist, DJ, retired film critic and veteran broadcaster. He currently hosts The 11th Hour on RTÉ Two and two radio shows: Drivetime with Dave on RTÉ Radio 1 and The Dave Fanning Show on RTÉ 2fm. He discovered U2 (kind of).

    50 Blur – Under The Westway
    49 Grizzly Bear – While You Wait For The Others
    48 White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
    47 Massive Attack – Unfinished Symphony
    46 Arcade Fire – Wake Up
    45 Bob Dylan – Visions Of Johanna
    44 Lana Del Ray – Video Games
    43 Bruce Springsteen – The River
    42 U2 – The Fly
    41 Pogues – A Rainy Night In Soho
    40 Radiohead – Street Spirit Fade Out

    21 Jan

    Liverpool Remember 96 (With Hope In Your Heart)

    In b. Abstract/Arty,d. People & Animals by admin / January 21, 2013 / 0 Comments

    Liverpool Remember 96

    The 1989 Hillsborough disaster was a human crush which occurred during the FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest football clubs on 15 April 1989 at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England. The crush resulted in the deaths of 96 people and injuries to 766 others. The incident remains the worst stadium-related disaster in British history and one of the world’s worst football disasters.

    The Hillsborough Independent Panel concluded that no Liverpool fans were responsible in any way for the disaster, and that its main cause was a “lack of police control” and crowd safety was “compromised at every level” and overcrowding issues had been recorded two years earlier. The panel concluded that “up to 41” of the 96 who perished might have survived had the emergency services’ reactions and co-ordination been improved.

    Post Title is taken from the song You’ll Never Walk Alone by Gerry and the Pacemakers. It’s the Liverpool F.C. anthem and in this post it refers to the fans not giving up until the full truth came out.

    11 Jan

    Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / January 11, 2013 / 0 Comments

    Playing with my macro lens,water, a few drops of olive oil and washing up liquid. Afterwards I added a filter.

    bubbles macro

    13 Dec

    Christmas Lights

    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / December 13, 2012 / 0 Comments

    This is an old photo (2010) but it’s nice for a Christmas posting so I’m re-posting it.
    It’s a very simple photo but shows how you can achieve something different by just playing around with your camera.

    Oh Christmas lights
    Light up the street
    Light up the fireworks in me
    May all your troubles soon be gone
    Those Christmas lights, keep shining on

    Christmas lights is a song by Coldplay.

    05 Dec

    Abstract Water Reflections (Time Stands Still)

    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / December 5, 2012 / 0 Comments

    Always look for something differnet.
    These abstract water reflection photographs were taken on the Photowalk in Dublin at the beginning of December. We were walking through the lovely Stephen’s Green in Dublin and I noticed the colourful reflection of the trees in the water. Stephen’s Green is a great nature escape in the center of Dublin City and is worth a stroll to have a break from the rush and busy city center outside.

    Water Reflection

    I didn’t know which one I prefer so I posted two photos

    Time Stands Still is a song title by the Irish band Something Happens.

    17 Nov

    Galway Beach Abstract (Sand and Sand)

    In a. Galway,b. Abstract/Arty by admin / November 17, 2012 / 0 Comments

    I was walking on Renmore/Ballyloughane Beach in Galway today and brought my camera along with me. I ended up taking some photos of the ripples in the sand which looked quiet nice I thought.

    Ballyloughane Beach

    Galway Beach Abstract

     Ballyloughane Beach Galway

    I noted that PetaPixel website have an article featuring ‘Seascape’ photos by Jakob Wagner, which are very similar to mine.
    Sea and Sand is a song title by The Who.

    25 Sep

    Arthurs Day (Black Is The Colour)

    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / September 25, 2012 / 0 Comments

    Arthurs Day refers to a series of music events which were first organised in 2009 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Guinness brewing company by its owner Diageo plc.
    Guinness Arthurs Day falls on the 27th of September this year and features some really big international acts including Fayboy Slim, Primal Scream, Munford and Sons, Texas and more.
    It’s an amazingly great marketing ploy by Diageo and must be worth millions upon millions in publicity.

    These are some photos from a recent trip to The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

    Guinness Bottles

    Post title is a song title by Christy Moore.

    22 Aug


    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / August 22, 2012 / 1 Comment

    I like to notice patterns and potential photographs in everyday situations, maybe it’s the photographer in my hunting for something to photograph. I was in Calpe, Spain on holidays earlier this summer and ‘played’ crazy golf with our kids. What struck me was the strong colours and unique shapes around each hole.

    Post title is taken from the song title “Mis-shapes, Mistakes, Misfits” by Pulp

    14 Aug

    Bad Moon Rising

    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / August 14, 2012 / 2 Comments

    I’ve never managed to get a ‘close up’ shot of a full moon that I’ve been happy with, never managed to capture the details that I’ve seen in some people’s photos. So the last time I saw a full moon I tried something different, just some camera shaking. I was suprisingly happy with the result- an abstract full moon

    Post title is the title of an album by Sonic Youth and also a song by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Take your pick

    10 Aug

    They Call Me Mellow Yellow

    In b. Abstract/Arty,c. Macro & Flowers by admin / August 10, 2012 / 0 Comments

    Post title is lyrics taken from the song ‘Mellow Yellow’ by Donovan.

    25 Jun

    Black, Keys

    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / June 25, 2012 / 1 Comment

    I’ve mentioned before that I have a fondness for patterns. This was taken at a waterpark in Spain; I guess keys for lockers. The woman working there gave me an odd look, probably wondering why would anyone want to take a photograph of a bunch of keys.

    Post title is a play on the title of the American rock band “The Black Keys”.

    22 May

    You Got a Fast Car

    In b. Abstract/Arty,g.Colourful by admin / May 22, 2012 / 0 Comments

    Sometimes I go out with my camera with an idea in my mind of what type of photograph I want to capture, sometimes not. On this occasion I was watching some sheep with my kids (amazing for them…) while cars were driving past on the country road.

    Quickly I decided to try some long exposure shots of them. Without thinking too much about the settings I flicked the shutter dial to 1/15 of a second and titled my Pentax K-7 camera as I heard a fast car approaching. As it came into view I panned it and titled my camera slightly. Even though the car isn’t fully in focus I’m extremely happy with result. The strong background colours add to the photo as well I think.

    If I had thought about it more I mightn’t have gotten as good a result; there was no textbook thought to titling the camera but I think it looks more dramatic that if the car was horizontal.

    Post title is taken from the classic song ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Trapman

    05 May

    And I Would Walk 500 Miles (VIVOBAREFOOT Evo)

    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / May 5, 2012 / 1 Comment

    So I got a new pair of runners recently; VIVOBAREFOOT Evo. A pair of runners with a difference. And then some. VIVOBAREFOOT are what you call minimalist running shoes; extremely thin, lightweight runners that are meant to be “as close to going barefoot as you can.” They’re part of the barefoot movement and running community.

    Modern running shoes are like a barge around your feet, disconnecting them from the ground in many ways. Runners like VIVOBAREFOOT are the opposite; you feel more and your feet are strengthened, stimulated more and you also exercise your
    calves, thighs, gluts, the lower back and abdomen, increasing your core strength.

    Flexible, breathable and light- 1 shoe weighs about 220grams, compared to 440grams for a Nike Zoom Zomero, which is half the weight!

    Post title are lyrics from I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) by The Proclaimers

    26 Apr

    She’ll Carry On Through It All, She’s a Waterfall

    In b. Abstract/Arty,f. Nature & Sky by admin / April 26, 2012 / 0 Comments

    I’d just like to post an example of a ‘before and after’ photo, aka editing.
    I was wandering around lovely Westport early morning last weekend and strolled along the picturesque river and stopped at this mini-waterfall.

    I thought there could be a nice photo in it somewhere to took a few photos, some with slow shutter speeds. This was taken at 1/20th of a second but the initial result was a bit plain/standard.

    So I did some basic editing in Picasa 3. I know I should be using Lightroom or Photoshop but haven’t found the time to study either yet. And I find that Picasa 3 does a good job. I know there some features and presets in Lightroom that I’d like. Someday, I keep telling myself, I’ll buy and learn/study Lightroom. Someday. Another confession- I don’t shot in RAW. Ever.

    Anyway all I did with this photo took less than 5 minutes and I ‘framed’ the finished result as I think it’d look nice on my wall. Steps were crop, apply 1960’s effect and add the frame.

    Post title is taken from ‘She’s a Waterfall’ by THE Stone Roses.

    21 Mar

    And I could never bring you flowers, And I could never turn you around

    In b. Abstract/Arty,g.Colourful by admin / March 21, 2012 / 5 Comments

    A collage of a colourful purple flower, taken with my new macro lens. Macro photography is a lot harder than I thought, it’s a learning curve, especially with focus.

    Post title is taken from the song ‘Flowers’ from the album ‘Today’ by the under-rated band ‘Galaxie 500’.

    02 Mar

    Maroon 5 ( Galway GAA Pearse Stadium stand )

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    This is the second set of photographs from my wander around Pearse Stadium, Salthill home to Galway GAA hurling and football. In this set I’m posting patterns and strong colours seen in the empty stand which wouldn’t be seen on match day.

    …and an ‘abstract’ one thrown in for good measure

    My first set of photographs from Pearse Stadium can be found here

    Title taken from the American Pop Rock band named ‘Maroon 5’. I know I have more than 5 maroon photographs in the post but couldn’t resist adding this title

    28 Feb

    Speak Into The Rose

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    A rose by any other name

    Title is taken from the song ‘Speak Into The Rose’ from the EP ‘Speak Into The Rose’ by Wilco

    01 Feb

    The Small Hours (in honour of Donal Dineen’s radio show)

    In a. Galway,b. Abstract/Arty,g.Colourful by admin / February 1, 2012 / 1 Comment

    Donal Dineen (my surname namesake but with only one ‘n’ in Dinneen) was the dj of the late and great show ‘The Small Hours’ on Today FM which finished up in December 2011. Donal began on Today FM with ‘Here Comes the Night’ in 1997 before moving to a later time slot for The Samll Hours in 2004. His shows featured, shall we say, not daytime playlists music. Electronic, alternative, indie and a whole lot more. a link to his Today FM blog and playlists.

    He introduced me to a wide variety of new artists that I’d never have heard of otherwise, including Mount Kimbe, Mark E, Dalek, Efterklang, Monolith and many more.
    (This seems like an obituary to Donal Dineen but he’s very much still alive)

    The title of his late show The Small Hours is the perfect title for this photo. Just in case you didn’t realise by now every photography in my blog section has a relevant music title.
    Photograph settings: f10, 15 seconds, wall used as a tripod.

    20 Dec

    I’m So Dizzy, My Head Is Spinning

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    Just mucking around…

    19 Sep

    Orange Wedge

    A slightly abstract photo of the Galway Hooker sculpture in Eyre Square, Galway. The sculpture on its own looks odd, just a load of red/orange metal bits stuck into the ground. But when you realise that it represents the sails of a boat/ship then it’s something that you can put into context and it stands on it’s own as a piece of art representing old Galway.

    23 Jul

    My Adidas

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    I’ve loved trainers since I was a child and lucky enough to own a pair of Nike Air Jordan IV. Now that I’m 35 I can’t claim to be a child anymore but still love trainers. So I was obviously delighted when a pair of Adidas Gazelles fell into my lap. Retro Adidas trainers are COOL, no denying it. Heck, even Run DMC have a song entitled My Adidas. So hjere’s my homage to the Adidas Gazelle trainers, a timeless classic

    20 Jul

    Wet, Wet, Wet

    In b. Abstract/Arty by admin / July 20, 2011 / 3 Comments

    The hotter the day, the less you pay. This is the clever marketing campaign and App form Budweiser.
    This year we’re making summer even better with the Budweiser Ice Cold Index. You see, the hotter the day the less you pay for your pint of Budweiser Ice Cold, all summer.

    If it’s 20 degrees your pint’s free. Awesome! If it’s 18 or 19 degrees you’ll get €2 off, 16 or 17 degrees, it’s €1 off.
    The good news is the weather readings are taken daily at midday (12pm) so whether you’re enjoying the sun on a Saturday afternoon, or out for a quiet pint on a Wednesday night you can use that offer all

    But with the summer Ireland is having I wonder if anyone in the entire country has gotten a cheaper pint. In fact, we’re lucky it’s not the wetter is it, the more you pay.