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07 Nov

You Can Leave Your Hat On

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I’m suprised that Conor (1 1/2) will leave his hat on when he’s outside, his older sister kept taking hers off and throwing it away. This is the first time I used the in built filters in my camera; a Pentax K-7, you can see the effect in the second shot. it gives a nice effect I think. I used to think that any in built filters would just be a novelty but I like some of them.

13 Jul


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28 Feb

Stay Young (Baby Conor Collage)

In d. People & Animals by admin / February 28, 2011 / 2 Comments

A collage of baby Conor, now 11 months young. He was just after waking up so is still in his sleeping bag and has ‘morning hair’. He sat and looked around for a bit but then crawled over to try to eat my camera (center bottom picture). He’s at the age where EVERYTHING that he gets his little mitts on goes into his mouth.

Post title is the song title ‘Stay Young’ by Suede.