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27 Mar

Saint Finbarr’s cathedral, Cork City

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Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, (Irish: Ardeaglais Naomh Fionnbarra) is a cathedral of the Church of Ireland in Cork city, Ireland.
The photo to the left is taken from the back of Saint Finbarr’s cathedral and is one of the two ‘standard’ photos of Saint Finbarr’s cathedral that people take; the other one being from the front. The photo to the right is more unique and was taken from the very top of St. Patrick’s Hill.

saint finbarr's cathedral

23 Mar

Cork City empy like a ghost town

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I drove into Cork City to catch sunrise last Sunday. I couldn’t find the perfect place to capture the sun rising but I did notice that the streets of Cork were empty, the city virtually deserted. So I tried to capture the main streets of Cork City empty, looking like a ghost town.

19 Nov

Let’s bring out the Liberty Bell (Shandon Bells, Cork)

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I was originally going to delete this photo but the more I look at it the more I like it, the view from down a side street. The Shandon Bells (official name Church of St Anne) is the building with the clock in Shandon, Cork City. It’s known locally as the “Four Faced Liar” because each face (four clocks, one on each side of the church) show slightly different times.

Let’s Ring Out The Liberty Bell is a great song by Autamata

13 Apr

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral (Grace Cathedral Park)

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Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral is situated in the centre of Cork City, Ireland. Designed by William Burges and consecrated in 1870, the Cathedral lies on a site where Christian worship has been offered since the seventh century.

St. Finbarrs

Grace Cathedral Park is a song from the album Red House Painters (I) from Red House Painters

15 Feb

Windowsill (Old Ireland)

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holy statues in a window in a Cork City house.

11 Feb

The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores (How the other half live)

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relaxing, reading the paper

A couple relax in Hayfield Manor Hotel spa, Cork city

10 Feb

Welcome home, like

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Murphys stout

02 Feb

Back to the old house. I would rather go (Ballymaloe)

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Ballymaloe Restaurant and Country House, home to Darinna and Rachel Allen. It’s a location made for relaxation- the bedrooms don’t have any televisions, nothing to do but just unwind, have a stroll and eat.
Some friends, Ronan and Cliona got married here last year, a memorable wedding.

Ballymaloe Country House, West Cork Ballymaloe Country House in West Cork, Ireland
01 Feb

I walk the line. Which one?

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Overhead wires. It reminds me of a maths question in school, if the angle of the isolysis triangle….
telegraph wires overhead

01 Oct

Things Will Be Great When You’re Downtown (A rare smile in the recession)

Smile, soon you'll be demolised and turned into apartments

Smile, soon you'll be demolised and turned into apartments

24 Feb

You are my angel Come from way above

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According to legend is that the Angel is going to blow her horns when the world is going to end. In 1999 both her horns were stolen during construction work, causing understandable confusion: how would the Corkonians learn about the end of the world now.

You are my angel
Come from way above
To Bring me love…