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26 May

I want to ride my bicycle (FBD Insurance bicycle race)

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The FBD Insurance RÁS Cycle Race is an 8 Day International Cycle Race around Ireland. I took these pictures at the Galway leg of the race but found photographing them tougher than I expected- the riders were grouped and ‘gone in 60 seconds’ (or less). So I didn’t really have much time for trial and error, seeing what the best settings were, where to stand etc. I took a lot of photos and was happy with these ones.

I shot with a 55-300 standard lens and stood in a roundabout at the cresent of a hill, which was good for when they were coming up the hill and not racing as quickly as normal. Ideally, it’d be great if they were doing a few circuits and if I had a 70-200 f2.8 lens (someday).

I want to ride my bicycle

FBD Insurance bicycle race Galway 2

01 Mar

Here Comes Your Man

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The lone rider

I was driving through Lackagh when I saw this cyclist coming towards me from out of the fog. I quickly pulled over, grabbed my camera and managed to snap him before he cycled past. I like the atmosphere that the fog adds to the picture.

11 Nov

I want to ride my bicycle?

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No rush to get back on the saddle

31 Mar

(made for) Fat bottomed girls

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Blue bikes