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21 Jun

Father’s Day

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This is an old photo but I’m reposting it as it’s Father’s Day today. So Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Who do you love?

04 Mar

Thank You For The Good Times (In memory of John, my dad)

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John, my dad (I always called my parents by their names) passed away 10 years ago today.
This is a photo taken on his honeymoon with my mum, Ute in Egypt. I’ve always liked photogrpahy, must have gotten the bug from my dad. I remember one birthday many moons ago he gave me an slr as a present but all I saw was a big, clunky camera. So I was disappointed and would have preferred an easy-to-use compact. Looking back now I realise that he had my best interests at heart and probably wanted to teach photography to me instead of me just snapping away with a compact. I wish I could thank him now but can’t so instead I think fondly of him when I’m taking pictures.