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13 Oct

Staying motivated in photography

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Staying motivated in photography

Although many photographer hobbyist love photography with a passion (addiction?) most go through phases when they’re very inactive, sometimes not taking any photos for months on end. It can be difficult to dedicate time to photography when you have a job, family and other commitments. There are many methods to stay motivated in photography, including the taking a photo every day, called Project 365, trying new styles of photography, create a book, use one lens only, entering competition/challenges and more. I like to take part in photo challenges, especially on photography forum. Photography forum have fortnightly challenges, the photo with most ‘likes’ wins and the winner selects the next challenge. There’s no prize (expect for kudos…) but I find it a great way for staying motivated in photography, keep taking photographs and also for themes/styles that might be outside your comfort zone or just styles of photography that you wouldn’t normally shoot. What makes the challenge for me is that your entries have to be taken during the challenge period, thus making you ‘get out there’ with your camera. The past few challenges on have included ‘The Rules of Odds‘, ‘Water, unsalted‘ and ‘Symmetry.’

These morning dew drops were my 3 entries for Water, Unsalted, the last one (my favourite) is a crop from the 2nd picture and almost won. I used a 100mm f2.8 macro lens on my front garden to capture the early morning dew drops. Luckily no neighbours drove by; they’d have wondered what I was doing, lying down on my driveway at 7 in the morning. Which of the 3 photos is your favourite, and why?

Morning Dew

Dew Drops

Dew Drop

Lastly what methods do you use for staying motivated in photography please?

15 May

Drops of Sunshine

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25 Apr

Around the world, around the world

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Abstract water drops. It looks vaguely like a map of the world I think

23 Feb

Water drops

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macro of water droplets on a leaf

I am just a waterdrop
Fatefully I cannot stop my fall down to earth
Like a tear from heaven sent
I don't know where my way will end
I just fly in the unkown deep in the unkown deep”

25 Nov

November Rain

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A quick dash out to the back garden in between the showers. I have been working from home for the past week due to flooding…

15 Apr

A drop in the (green) ocean

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A drop in the (green) ocean

A drop in the (green) ocean

24 Feb

Our Window

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Half frozen water drops on my car window one morning. I keep a compact in my car always ,comes in handy for shots like this.