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21 Nov

Grand Canal Dock Architecture Abstract

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I recently had a luxurious stay in The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Dock in Dublin last weekend. The Grand Canal Dock has undergone major recent rejuvenation, now houses some exciting and eye-catching buildings, including The Marker Hotel and the Bord Gais Energy Theatre.

Both are very striking buildings and I was drawn to the lines and patterns in both. the first four photos are of the Bord Gais Energy Theatre (left)The last three photographs are of the side of the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, an (unknown to me) office building and The Marker Hotel, which has the black and white patchwork design.









06 Sep

American Football Croke Park Classic

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The Croke Park (American Football) Classic was held in Croke Park, Dublin where University of Central Florida hosted Penn State in the 2014 Season Opener. This was the first time UCF and Penn State have played outside the United States and several thousands of American fans made the trip over to Dublin for the event.

The climax of the game was very exciting; UCF took the lead with under 2 minutes left only for Penn State to win the game with a kick with 3 seconds on the clock.

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02 Oct

Inner City Dublin (Recession Blues)

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Inner City Dublin has, what people call ‘character’. What can mean poorer areas with colourful, talkative characters and nice community spirit. Conways is/was on Thomas Street in Dublin city but looks like it’s been out of business for quiet a while. I’m not sure what kind of a business it was.

Inner City Dublin

Recession Blues is a BB King song.

09 Sep

All Ireland Hurling Final 2013 Cork vs Clare (Fight Like Apes)

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All Ireland Hurling Final 2013

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the All Ireland hurling final 2013 (for face value) on the morning of the match. I had my compact camera with me so only took a few ‘snaps’ before throw in and then put it away to enjoy the match.

Cork and Clare drew the fantastic match and will have to do it all again at the end of September.

All Ireland Final 2013 (3)
All Ireland Final 2013 (4)
All Ireland Final 2013 (2)
All Ireland Final 2013 (6)
All Ireland Final 2013 (7)
All Ireland Final 2013 (8)
All Ireland Final 2013 (5)

Fight Like Apes is the (cool) name of an Irish alternative rock band

06 Jan

Dublin Street Photography (Sidewalking)

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Some of my attempts at street photography, taken on the Photography Photo Walk in Dublin in December of last year.

Street photography is harder than I thought, or at least there’s a learning/confidence curve. When you look at photos of street photography one thinks it’s simple but when you’re standing a few feet away from a stranger it’s harder than you think to point your camera at them and click. Obviously, the smaller the camera you have and the more subtle you are the easier it is.

Sidewalking is a song title from a Jesus And Mary Chain song

03 Dec

People’s Art Stephen’s Green (Endless Art)

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I took part in a photowalk last Saturday around Dublin City. There’ll be many more photos to follow but here’s one for now. The People’s Art Exhibition around Stephen’s Green was on and these ladies were enjoying themselves and browsing.

Endless Art is a song from the Irish band A-House

06 Feb

Walking in my Shoes

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Now I’m not looking for absolution
Forgiveness for the things I do
But before you come to any conclusions
Try walking in my shoes
Try walking in my shoes

Photos from The Market Bar (where they do lovely and good valued tapas, in Dublin. I just had to take some photos of this stunning wall. The bar is like a hidden den; just a door on a wall in a busy market which leads into this massive, high ceiling venue.

02 Sep

Inner-City Life, Inner-City Pressure

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Taken in Dublin City, Ireland.

26 May

Drink! (Do not pass, Go into pub)

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A simply, humorous photo for the weekend. McDaids is a famous pub just of Grafton Street in Dublin, Ireland. It’s what you call a real down-to-earth traditional pub. The location of the Guinness pint sign sits perfectly next to the other signs.