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20 Mar

Have you seen him go, though, oh? Boy Racer

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I had great, great fun last week at go-karting at the Indoor Go-Karting track at Liosban, Galway. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while, more like bumpers than go-karting and anything went; bumping, cutting in etc. Must try it again soon.

Post title is taken from the song ‘Boy Race’ by the great, great Morrissey.

17 Feb

You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, Right round round round

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Long exposure shot at a fairground

Post title taken from the very catchy 80s’ single ‘You Spin Me Around (like a record) by Dead or Alive

01 Feb

The Small Hours (in honour of Donal Dineen’s radio show)

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Donal Dineen (my surname namesake but with only one ‘n’ in Dinneen) was the dj of the late and great show ‘The Small Hours’ on Today FM which finished up in December 2011. Donal began on Today FM with ‘Here Comes the Night’ in 1997 before moving to a later time slot for The Samll Hours in 2004. His shows featured, shall we say, not daytime playlists music. Electronic, alternative, indie and a whole lot more. a link to his Today FM blog and playlists.

He introduced me to a wide variety of new artists that I’d never have heard of otherwise, including Mount Kimbe, Mark E, Dalek, Efterklang, Monolith and many more.
(This seems like an obituary to Donal Dineen but he’s very much still alive)

The title of his late show The Small Hours is the perfect title for this photo. Just in case you didn’t realise by now every photography in my blog section has a relevant music title.
Photograph settings: f10, 15 seconds, wall used as a tripod.

22 Mar

Autobahn (66)

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I took this long exposure picture standing on a bridge overlooking the motorway in Walldorf (near Heidleberg), Germany. The railing made a perfect substitute tripod. My fears were my camera dropping onto the road or someone coming along and spotting an easy mugging!

31 Jul


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night lights

Standing on a bridge in Walldorf (near Heidleberg) the railing made a perfect tripod. 13 second exposure

And my first attempt of long exposure: