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10 Nov

Harrods (The Good Old Days)

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Harrods. Probably one of most famous shop in the world? To me Harrods is anyway. Maybe Macys and Hamleys are up there with it but Harrods has the element of style, Harrods oozes class and the wow factor.
When I was a child I used to visit my cousins in London and always looked forward to a trip to Harrods, watching with awe the magician and playing amongst the many, many toys.
In this Harrods photo I photoshopped out some cars and bits n pieces to try to make it look like Harrods from the past. I added the second photo to show what the original photo compared to the photoshopped version.

Harrods in the good old days

The good old days

The Good old days in the post title ‘Harrods (The Good old days)’ is a song from the album ‘Up the Bracket’ by The Libertines.

07 Nov

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (It’s a Rich Man’s World)

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Another rich mans toy from my wander around Kensington, London, this time a racing red Ferrari

Ferrari- It's a Rich Man's World

29 Oct

Bentley Rhythm Ace

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Yet another luxury car in Knightsbridge. I could spend a month in London just wandering
around taking pictures of everything and everything. It's a photographers' dream place and has
life everywhere.

Beltley hub cap

27 Oct

I Love My Car

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Another luxury car in Knightsbridge.The place is probably a thieves’ dream

I love my car
I’ll admit today I’ve gone too far
To enamour myself of my little motor car

26 Oct

Wouldn’t It Be Nice? (Porsche 911)

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I was in London for a wedding in Knightsbridge.
The place is dripping with money, a lot of extremelly
expensive toy boy cars.

Porsche 911

23 Oct

It’s a rich man’s world- Harrods

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I didn’t want to take the standard photo of Harrods (front of building) and am happy with this instead.

21 Apr

I Love My Car

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I love my car
I’ll admit today I’ve gone too far
To enamour myself of my little motor car

24 Feb

Driving in your car I never never, never want to go home

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One car costs over £1 million and the other one probably a million years old!