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09 Apr

Brussels Skateboarding Park (Heaven Is a Halfpipe)

Brussels Skateboarding Park

During my recent holiday in Brussels I came across a skateboarding park and snapped some photos of the kids hanging out there.
I returned two days later with my sports lens and some dedicated time to capture the skateboarders in action. But, unfortunately there was only a few very young kids there and they weren’t throwing any great shapes. Still, I like the vibe in these photos and think I caught the ‘too cool for school’ attitude of the kids.

brussels skateboard (4)

brussels skateboard park

brussels skateboarding park

Heaven Is A Halfpipe is a song by OPM

29 Mar

View from The Kop at Anfield (Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool)

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Liverpool F.C. mightn’t be the giants of English football that they once were but they’re still a giant club fan-wise. Here’s a few more photos from my trip to Liverpool in Janurary.

liverpool fc flags

the kop anfield

liverpool fc hat

Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool are lyrics from a chant the fans sing

03 Dec

People’s Art Stephen’s Green (Endless Art)

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I took part in a photowalk last Saturday around Dublin City. There’ll be many more photos to follow but here’s one for now. The People’s Art Exhibition around Stephen’s Green was on and these ladies were enjoying themselves and browsing.

Endless Art is a song from the Irish band A-House

14 Apr

I can tell that we are gonna be friends

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Post title is taken from the song “We’re gonna be friends” by The White Stripes.

27 Nov

Lost In Music

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Just in case you haven’t noticed or guessed every post here has a musical title that’s related to the photo(s). Sister Sledge have a song called Lost In Music and it fits this man browsing in HMV, Limerick perfectly. It vaguely reminds me of DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing album cover (vaguely I said)

We’re lost in music
Caught in a trap
No turnin’ back
We’re lost in music

26 Oct

Old And Wise (Michael D Higgins- next Irish president?)

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An old post but seeing as tomorrow is voting day I’m going to re-post it.
Michael D Higgins, Galway West TD, who is running for the Irish Presidency. He very kindly launched my companies photo exhibition in Ballybane (Galway) library. He seems like a very down to earth person who takes time to get involved with the local community. After Séan (Sean) Gallagher being caught lying (allegedly) the race has been blown wide open (well open).

Michael D Higgins

06 Oct

Hello, Hello, we are the Geordie boys

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I was in Newcastle recently for a stag and we went to see (the high flying) Newcastle United in action. The Geordies are warm and friendly; here’s some photos of some supporters.

We had a good chat with this couple in The Strawberry, a pub opposite Saint James Park. They live in Stockport but have season tickets for Newcastle and travel six hour round trip for every Newcastle United home game! The man knew his football and had been to over eight Irish football stadiums in his time.

A couple eating the famous Geordie Pies before kickoff

I was going to leave out this photo (as it’s blurry) but I love the guys big head of hair so I’m including it…

29 Sep

It’s Grim Up North?

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The KLF sang that it’s grim up north but for Newcastle United it’s certainly not grim at the moment. They’re standing tall, 4th in the league and unbeaten in over 8 games. I was at their home game at Saint James Park where they beat Blackbun 3-0, with Ba scoring a hat-trick.

30 Aug

Swim, Swam, Swim

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Some ladies swimming at Redbarn beach near Youghal, Cork

28 Aug

The truth is where the sculptor’s chisel chipped away the lie (Galway statues)

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On the top of Shop Street, Galway there’s statue of Oscar Wilde, sitting on a bench in conversation with Estonian writer Eduard Wilde.
This is a copy of a statue that stands in Tartu in Estonia, and was presented to Galway to mark the occasion of Estonia joining the EU in 2004. The two men are unrelated and never actually met, though they were contemporaries.

A lot of tourists sit on the bench between them to get their photo taken, some ‘hobos’ like to sit there too and drink their tinnies.

04 Aug

We Love All The People (Galway Races)

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The title taken from They Might Be Giants song. In case you haven’t noticed all photos have a musical related title.
In between races at The Galway Races I took some photos of the people attending. The fact that I had a 70-200mm f2.8 lens helped me get close up shots without annoying people. Sunday at the Galway Races Summer Festival is the last day of the races and a lot of locals go, most of the tourists are heading home.

The guy on the left in the last shots looks like Victor Meldrew from the tv show One Foot in the Grave. He’s even got a sad/angry face on him.

13 Jul


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02 Jul

The Birthday Party

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It was Conor’s first birthday recently. As he’s only a toddler Emma and her cousin Grainne got to blow out the candles on his behalf. My wife made the lovely cake.

05 Apr

It’s All For You (Ireland football fans)

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Some of the Irish fans at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland for the Ireland vs Macedonia game. I arrived at the stadium early so wandered around with my camera. It was nice to see the stadium fill up (not to capacity) slowly and the people trickle in. You could see the happiness and excitement in the kids faces, it reminded me of when I was young(er) and used to visit Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Croke Park or other stadiums where the Cork hurling team were playing.

Ireland- the fans

Ireland- the fans

Ireland- the fans

Ireland- the fans

Ireland- the fans

14 Mar

P.E.O.P.L.E.C.I.T.Y (Limerick Photowalk)

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Last Saturday I went on a Photowalk (and organised it) in Limerick City. 14 people turned up and despite the weather being dull, cloud and raining sporadically everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Thanks to everyone for turning up, to Patrick for planning the route and to Stephen from for helping promote it.

The highlight for me was the Milk Market, where I could have spent an hour or longer photographing. The place is bursting with life, characters and colour (and food, food, glorious food). Unfortunately we only had 20 mintues there but I still got some photos I was happy with there.

These are some faces from the walk, some of them were ‘photowalkers’ (is that a proper word?) , others locals.

I’ll be uploading more photos over the course of this week.

Beauty and the Beast:

A lovely seller with a lovely smile at her stall at The Milk Market

Taken from our trip to the “cute graveyard” (not my words):

Keeping his distan

Did I knock it over?

The girls-

The butcher of the Milk Market:


And the butcher’s lunch:


16 Feb

Push It, Push It Real Good (Corinthians vs Loughrea rugby)

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It’s game over man, it’s game over

18 Jan

Backstreet Boys

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Backstreet Boys having a break in Barcelona

The staff of a Barcelona restaurant having a quick smoke break. I passed the side street and doubled back to ask them could I take a photo of them. I could have sat there for 10 minutes composing and taking many pictures but I haven’t approached people much asking to take their portraits. And the guy second from right was either pretending to appear pensive or wasn’t very comfortable (working illegally per chance?)

29 Oct

Kid A (Mini me)

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Baby Conor, 6 months old.

Mini me

30 Jul

Just walk on by

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Just walk on by

I think I had more potential song titles for this photo than any other.
Broken Down In Broken Town
1/2 Way Between The Gutter And The Star
Everything’s Alright When You’re Down
Where Did You Sleep

If I see you tomorrow on some street in town
Pardon me if I don’t say hello I belong to another,
it wouldn’t look so good
To know someone I’m not suppose to know
Just walk on by

14 Apr

At Last I Am Born

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baby emotions

11 Mar

If I wasn’t Shy

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watching the match

05 Mar

Parklife (Galway Greyhound Track)

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I was at the Galway Greyhound track last night. It”s very hard to get a good shot of the dogs (they”re so quick and I didn’t have a fast zoom lens). These are my best shots from the evening. I’ll go back again once I have an (expensive) fast zoom (70-200 f2.8 hopefully)

Dog Track

Greyhound racing at Galway

An old man studying the form at the Galway greyhound track

04 Mar

Thank You For The Good Times (In memory of John, my dad)

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John, my dad (I always called my parents by their names) passed away 10 years ago today.
This is a photo taken on his honeymoon with my mum, Ute in Egypt. I’ve always liked photogrpahy, must have gotten the bug from my dad. I remember one birthday many moons ago he gave me an slr as a present but all I saw was a big, clunky camera. So I was disappointed and would have preferred an easy-to-use compact. Looking back now I realise that he had my best interests at heart and probably wanted to teach photography to me instead of me just snapping away with a compact. I wish I could thank him now but can’t so instead I think fondly of him when I’m taking pictures.

04 Mar

Simple Pleasures

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A tourist in Galway city enjoying a leisurely afternoon sitting outside a pub. Galway has a nice laid back, relaxed vibe to it. It’s not a large city (more like a big town) but it’s a place I love.

03 Mar

Talking Heads

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Talking Heads in Salthill

27 Feb

All I Need (Publife)

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me and my Guinness

chess in the pub

11 Feb

The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores (How the other half live)

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relaxing, reading the paper

A couple relax in Hayfield Manor Hotel spa, Cork city

08 Jan

Glow in the dark

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My daughter playing with my Iphone
01 Oct

Things Will Be Great When You’re Downtown (A rare smile in the recession)

Smile, soon you'll be demolised and turned into apartments

Smile, soon you'll be demolised and turned into apartments

17 Sep

The Bad Photographer?*

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A compact for a compact

This photo title is the title from a song and doesn’t imply that I think my daughter is a bad photographer.

25 May

Some Girls Wander By Mistake (A good walk spoiled)

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Early morning dew, early morning golfers

Early morning dew, early morning golfers

24 Feb

Oh, here they come, The beautiful ones

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My wife, Debbie on 'our big day'