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21 Mar

Colours and colours and colours of colours (Limerick Photowalk)

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This is my last set from the Limerick Photowalk (I promise!). These aren’t the leftovers, I have loads of them, trust me. The theme of this set is colour. It was a dull, rainy day in Limerick so I sought to seek out colour amongst the drabness and dullness.

It was a very pleasurable walk and nice to see some first-timers join us. I’m looking forward to the next one already.

Also here’s a video of some of my photos from the photowalk- Limerick Photowalk video.

No Flowers

No Flowers

No smoking

No smoking

Blue skies above?
Blue skies above

Irish Gold

Irish Gold

Photos, photos, photos (Elalgallery Photograpy gallery in the Milk Market)

photos, photos, photos

Holy Cross


Water Drops

Water Drops

And finally just a ‘funny’ one

Fire. Must be

14 Mar

Urban Discipline (Limerick Photwalk)

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Part two of my Limerick City Photowalk. The theme of this group of photographs is urban. I think some of these photographs show that you can find a picture anywhere/in mundane places. I like to try to shoot stuff other than the standard snapshot of cities (landmarks, main sights etc).

Abandon hope ye all who enter

No parking

Big Brother is (always) watching

No Entry

Grey Rutland Street


14 Mar

P.E.O.P.L.E.C.I.T.Y (Limerick Photowalk)

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Last Saturday I went on a Photowalk (and organised it) in Limerick City. 14 people turned up and despite the weather being dull, cloud and raining sporadically everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Thanks to everyone for turning up, to Patrick for planning the route and to Stephen from for helping promote it.

The highlight for me was the Milk Market, where I could have spent an hour or longer photographing. The place is bursting with life, characters and colour (and food, food, glorious food). Unfortunately we only had 20 mintues there but I still got some photos I was happy with there.

These are some faces from the walk, some of them were ‘photowalkers’ (is that a proper word?) , others locals.

I’ll be uploading more photos over the course of this week.

Beauty and the Beast:

A lovely seller with a lovely smile at her stall at The Milk Market

Taken from our trip to the “cute graveyard” (not my words):

Keeping his distan

Did I knock it over?

The girls-

The butcher of the Milk Market:


And the butcher’s lunch:


21 Feb

Photowalk, Limerick City, Saturday 12th March

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Just to let anyone who is interested that there’s an upcoming photowalk in Limerick City on Saturday, March 12th. It’ll be a citywalk through the streets and along the riverbanks of Limerick, passing by many landmarks of interest and will also include the very popular Milk Market. Anyone and everyone is welcome.
Full details and registration can be found on

It’s the first photowalk I’ve organised. I’ve been itching for a good day out with the camera and haven’t been to Limerick yet to take pictures so I’m looking forward to it.

Photowalking; what’s that most people ask? A group of people meet up and walk along a route while taking photographs. Simple idea. I’ve only been on two but think they’re a great idea; an excuse for a day out with the camera, visiting a new location, chatting with and learning from other ‘like minded’ people and seeing photos from other peoples perspective.

See ye all there,