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18 Dec

Wonderful, Glorious. (My favourite photos of 2013 Part 1)

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The year is almost over so it’s a good time to showcase some of my favourite photos from 2013. This is part 1.

I didn’t get out taking photos as often as I’d like to have but most amateur photographers with kids are in the same boat I presume. People ask me what’s my favourite style of photography and I used to say I don’t have one. My previous photography blog was called Eclectic Images, which summed up my style. But looking through my photos I’ve noticed that I’ve taken more and more abstract photos.

I’m photographing my friends wedding just before Christmas and getting a new Pentax K-5ii from Santy (thanks Debbie! X). So it’s going to be an exciting finish to 2012 and I’m looking forward to 2013 with my new camera.

Happy Christmas to everyone, thanks for visiting during the year.

My son, Conor lying still long enough for me to snap this

Autumn Changes

Connacht rugby player Brett Wilkinson & team mates at a rugby match at The Sportsground, Galway.

Connacht Rugby Players

A light bulb and the reflection on a metal lampshade. I stumbled upon this in an antique store in Brussels.

Theres A Light On Heavy Glow

I like the simplicity of a plain blue sky broken by a simple airplane chemtrail.

Leavin on a Jet Plane

A suburb of Liverpool taken from an airplane on a flight to Liverpool for a football game.

england snow 2013

Wonderful, Glorious is a song title and album title from teh latest album by The Eels.

08 Oct

My Heart is an Apple

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Abstract Red apple

Originally this was a macro photo of an apple. But the result wasn’t very sharp. So I messed about with the photo and this is the result

05 Sep

Jumping Jack Flash

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A Jaguar hood ornament from a classic Jaguar car, taken at Lackagh Heritage in Galway.
I tried to step away from the standard (plain) car shot and shot from a different angle.
There were a number of classic cars on show (and one shiny red Massy Ferguson tractor too)

Jaguar Hood ornament jumping

19 Mar

Catch The Sun

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Sun burst

04 Mar

The house of God

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04 Mar

Turn On The Bright Lights

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Twin Peaks Pink Room

24 Feb

Puff The Magic Dragon

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Mosaic of dragons in Koh Samui

24 Feb

Castle Rising (Kinvara Castle)

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Dunguaire Castle is probably the most famous land mark that is associated with Kinvara. The castle was built in 1520 by the O’Hynes clan on the picturesque shores of Galway Bay. This restored 16th century tower house sits on a rocky outcrop on the shores of Galway Bay, 300 yards outside the village of Kinvara

24 Feb

Low tide at the Claddagh

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Claddagh, originally uploaded by dinneenp.

24 Feb

Graffiti on the wall

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This simple message is on route from the train station to Old Trafford, Manchester United’s football stadium

24 Feb

Waves of homes

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Unfinished/abondened apartments in Jerusalem. I was in Israel with work and was lucky enough to have a friend working in Palestine. I visited him for a weekend and got a great tour of Jerusalem and the surronding area.

24 Feb


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24 Feb

Life In A Glasshouse

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24 Feb

Little Empty Boat

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A boat by Ashford Castle. Everyone else was snapping away at the castle, I like to hunt around beyond the obvious.