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30 May

Red Rose Macro (Your love is like a ramblin’ rose)

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A macro photograph of a red rose. My Pentax K-7 camera has in-body stabilization, unlike most other Dslr cameras, which helps for handheld macro/closeup photographs. I’m too lazy to bring my tripod with me, set it up, attach my camera etc.

Ramblin Rose

Your love is like a ramblin’ rose are lyrics taken from the b-side song ‘Ramblin Rose’ by Primal Scream who are BACK with a great new album ‘More Light’

20 Sep

Yellow Rose Petals (Yellow roses,The color of sunshine)

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Yellow Rose

My wife loves flowers (what woman doesn’t?) and I find roses a great subject for colourful, abstract macro photos. So when I bought her yellow roses recently we both were happy. This macro photograph of beautiful petals of a yellow rose is almost memorising I find. When I bought my macro lens I didn’t intend it use it for floral photography but I found it’s great for colourful photos of petals.

I like the simplicity in floral photos where the entire photos is engulfed with one colour, here the bright yellow rose is like a tunnel. Lilies are my wife’s favourite type of flowers but I’m going to start buying her roses as they’re my favourite type of flowers to photograph; pure red, white or yellow colours.

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Yellow Rose

Post title ‘Yellow roses, the color of sunshine’ are lyrics taken from the song Yellow Roses by the one and only Dolly Parton.. Did you know that Dolly Parton even has her own theme park?

29 Aug

Into The white, Into The White (Rose Macro)

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A macro photograph of a white rose, taken in Fitzgerald Park, Cork City. While floral photography isn’t really my thing I have a macro lens and flowers don’t move as much as insects so are easier to photograph. I didn’t do any post processing on this, the orange/pink hue from the centre of the rose must be due to the light (maybe).

Post title is taken from the song ‘Into The White’ by the marvelous marvel that are The Pixies.

28 Feb

Speak Into The Rose

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A rose by any other name

Title is taken from the song ‘Speak Into The Rose’ from the EP ‘Speak Into The Rose’ by Wilco