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28 Aug

The truth is where the sculptor’s chisel chipped away the lie (Galway statues)

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On the top of Shop Street, Galway there’s statue of Oscar Wilde, sitting on a bench in conversation with Estonian writer Eduard Wilde.
This is a copy of a statue that stands in Tartu in Estonia, and was presented to Galway to mark the occasion of Estonia joining the EU in 2004. The two men are unrelated and never actually met, though they were contemporaries.

A lot of tourists sit on the bench between them to get their photo taken, some ‘hobos’ like to sit there too and drink their tinnies.

15 Feb

Windowsill (Old Ireland)

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holy statues in a window in a Cork City house.

30 Jun

Dry your eyes out

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10 Apr

Berlin Calling

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Pillars of our society

01 Apr

Judy And The Dream of Horses

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Horsing around

24 Feb

You are my angel Come from way above

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According to legend is that the Angel is going to blow her horns when the world is going to end. In 1999 both her horns were stolen during construction work, causing understandable confusion: how would the Corkonians learn about the end of the world now.

You are my angel
Come from way above
To Bring me love…