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13 Oct

Staying motivated in photography

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Staying motivated in photography

Although many photographer hobbyist love photography with a passion (addiction?) most go through phases when they’re very inactive, sometimes not taking any photos for months on end. It can be difficult to dedicate time to photography when you have a job, family and other commitments. There are many methods to stay motivated in photography, including the taking a photo every day, called Project 365, trying new styles of photography, create a book, use one lens only, entering competition/challenges and more. I like to take part in photo challenges, especially on photography forum. Photography forum have fortnightly challenges, the photo with most ‘likes’ wins and the winner selects the next challenge. There’s no prize (expect for kudos…) but I find it a great way for staying motivated in photography, keep taking photographs and also for themes/styles that might be outside your comfort zone or just styles of photography that you wouldn’t normally shoot. What makes the challenge for me is that your entries have to be taken during the challenge period, thus making you ‘get out there’ with your camera. The past few challenges on have included ‘The Rules of Odds‘, ‘Water, unsalted‘ and ‘Symmetry.’

These morning dew drops were my 3 entries for Water, Unsalted, the last one (my favourite) is a crop from the 2nd picture and almost won. I used a 100mm f2.8 macro lens on my front garden to capture the early morning dew drops. Luckily no neighbours drove by; they’d have wondered what I was doing, lying down on my driveway at 7 in the morning. Which of the 3 photos is your favourite, and why?

Morning Dew

Dew Drops

Dew Drop

Lastly what methods do you use for staying motivated in photography please?

09 Mar

Horses on Galway Beach

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Horses having some exercise on Renmore Beach in Galway. I wish I could have stayed for longer and gotten closer but I was on my way to playing football. There’s something majestic about watching horses running I find.

Horses on Galway Beach

14 Jul

The Lazy Sunbather

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On holidays this summer I left my Dslr camera and lenses at home and just brought a compact camera with me. There were a few occasions where I missed my camera but overall found it handy having a compact that I could carry around with everywhere. We lazed around the swimming pool a lot so a compact was perfect for family snapshots.

the lazy sunbather

Post title ‘The Lazy Sunbather’ is a song title from Morrissey’s great album Vauxhall and I.

05 Dec

Abstract Water Reflections (Time Stands Still)

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Always look for something differnet.
These abstract water reflection photographs were taken on the Photowalk in Dublin at the beginning of December. We were walking through the lovely Stephen’s Green in Dublin and I noticed the colourful reflection of the trees in the water. Stephen’s Green is a great nature escape in the center of Dublin City and is worth a stroll to have a break from the rush and busy city center outside.

Water Reflection

I didn’t know which one I prefer so I posted two photos

Time Stands Still is a song title by the Irish band Something Happens.

03 Jul

Sail through the sorrows of life’s marauders, Unrepenting, often empty, Sail on, sail on sailor (Cape Clear Ferry)

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The Dun Aengus ferry, which sails from Baltimore, West Cork to Cape Clear after leaving Baltimore.

Post title is taken from The Beach Boys song ‘Sail on, sail on sailor’, the final song on their 1973 album ‘Holland’

26 Apr

She’ll Carry On Through It All, She’s a Waterfall

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I’d just like to post an example of a ‘before and after’ photo, aka editing.
I was wandering around lovely Westport early morning last weekend and strolled along the picturesque river and stopped at this mini-waterfall.

I thought there could be a nice photo in it somewhere to took a few photos, some with slow shutter speeds. This was taken at 1/20th of a second but the initial result was a bit plain/standard.

So I did some basic editing in Picasa 3. I know I should be using Lightroom or Photoshop but haven’t found the time to study either yet. And I find that Picasa 3 does a good job. I know there some features and presets in Lightroom that I’d like. Someday, I keep telling myself, I’ll buy and learn/study Lightroom. Someday. Another confession- I don’t shot in RAW. Ever.

Anyway all I did with this photo took less than 5 minutes and I ‘framed’ the finished result as I think it’d look nice on my wall. Steps were crop, apply 1960’s effect and add the frame.

Post title is taken from ‘She’s a Waterfall’ by THE Stone Roses.

15 May

Drops of Sunshine

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25 Apr

Around the world, around the world

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Abstract water drops. It looks vaguely like a map of the world I think

01 Aug

Little Empty Boat (Don’t rock the boats)

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Don't rock the boat(s) baby

But my little boat is empty
It don’t go
And my oar is broken
It don’t row, row, row
But my little boat is empty
It don’t go
And my oar is broken
It don’t row, row, row

26 Feb

Tide and time out. Galway

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Boats resting at low tide next to a colourful row of houses at the Spanish Arch, Galway, Ireland.

boats resting at low tide, Spanish Arch, Galway

23 Feb

In my reflecting pool, I look in my reflecting pool

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A house reflection in the river Corrib, Galway and a house in a puddle.

reflection in Galway river

23 Feb

Water drops

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macro of water droplets on a leaf

I am just a waterdrop
Fatefully I cannot stop my fall down to earth
Like a tear from heaven sent
I don't know where my way will end
I just fly in the unkown deep in the unkown deep”

25 Nov

November Rain

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A quick dash out to the back garden in between the showers. I have been working from home for the past week due to flooding…

30 Sep

Upside down

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Navy ships docked at Cork city

Navy ships docked at Cork city

08 Aug

Seaside, yet still docked

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Seaside, yet still docked

06 Jul

It’s Black, it’s white (Water reflection under bridge)

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I like this, just the way it looks like an abstract painting.

I like this, just the way it looks like an abstract painting.

15 Apr

A drop in the (green) ocean

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A drop in the (green) ocean

A drop in the (green) ocean

24 Feb

Little Empty Boat

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A boat by Ashford Castle. Everyone else was snapping away at the castle, I like to hunt around beyond the obvious.

24 Feb

Seaside, yet still Docked (Galway)

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Some pictures from wandering around Galway Docks (sounds seedy, doesn’t it?). It’s a great place for photographing I think- lots of colour, boats old and new, water etc.

24 Feb

Our Window

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Half frozen water drops on my car window one morning. I keep a compact in my car always ,comes in handy for shots like this.