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12 May

Galway vs Glasgow Warriors (Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

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Connacht rugby club played their last game of the Rabo Direct Pro 12 season at The Sportsground in Galway against The Glasgow Warriors. Glasgow Warriors won the rugby match 20-3. DTH van der Merwe and Sean Mullins scored the tries for Glasgow Warriors
It was Eric Elwood’s last game as manager and over 6,000 spectators turned up on a wet evening.

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants is an album title from Oasis.

04 May

Eric Elwood’s end at Connacht Rugby (Thanks for all the joy)

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Tonight was Eric Elwood’s last game in charge of Connacht Rubgy club.
Eric Elwood is a former rugby player who was capped first for Ireland over 150 times and joined Connacht Rugby club at the start of the 2010 season.

Eric Elwood Connacht

Please click here to view more of my photographs from the Connacht vs Glasgow Warriors match
Thank for for all the joy are lyrics from Thank You For The Music, a song by Abba

30 Apr

Brussels Holiday (Brussels Sprouts)

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Brussels, Beer, Chocolate

A BIG thank you to Today FM and Leonidas Chocolate for our great holiday.
Last year I was lucky enough to win a 5 night, 5 star holiday in Brussels on Today FM in conjunction with Leonidas Chocolate. Included was a beer tour, a waling chocolate tour and even a chocolate workshop. And a visit to a new city meant a chance for me to wander around snapping photos. Beer, chocolate and photography- heaven!

Some friends joined us on the holiday and we had a great time. I’d highly recommend Brussles as a place to visit; great beer and waffles, lovley city to just wander around in.

“Brussels Sprouts” is a song by by Lionel Hampton, a Jazz giant from the 1930’s. (I give all my blog posts related musical titles.

20 Apr

Sleeping at Brussels Airport (Starting and then stopping, Taking off and landing, The emptiest of feelings)

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While at Brussels airport waiting for my flight back to Ireland I noticed a lot of people sleeping on benches. So, of course, I thought they’d make interesting photographs.

Brussels airport sleeping

Brussels airport lounge

Brussels airport

Brussels airport sleep

Starting and then stopping, Taking off and landing, The emptiest of feelings are lyrics from the song ‘Let Down’ by the great, great Radiohead

16 Apr

The Vinyl Collection

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The Vinyl Collection

I was strolling down a side street in Brussles and several boxes of vinyl albums outside a store caught my eye. As a music lover I was curious as to what the albums were and as a photographer I saw a potentially nice photograph- great vibrant colours that would make a great abstract photograph.

the vinyl collection

The Vinyl Collection is the title of an album by Norah Jones.

09 Apr

Brussels Skateboarding Park (Heaven Is a Halfpipe)

Brussels Skateboarding Park

During my recent holiday in Brussels I came across a skateboarding park and snapped some photos of the kids hanging out there.
I returned two days later with my sports lens and some dedicated time to capture the skateboarders in action. But, unfortunately there was only a few very young kids there and they weren’t throwing any great shapes. Still, I like the vibe in these photos and think I caught the ‘too cool for school’ attitude of the kids.

brussels skateboard (4)

brussels skateboard park

brussels skateboarding park

Heaven Is A Halfpipe is a song by OPM

08 Apr

There’s A Light On, Heavy Glow

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I stumbled accross a massive antique store in Brussels last week and spent a while browsing around. This photograph is a lamp that was like a bright sun glowing in the dark shop. The large round metal lampshade gave it this great effect.

Theres A Light On Heavy Glow

Post title “There’s a light on, heavy glow” are lyrics from ‘By The Way’ by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

29 Mar

View from The Kop at Anfield (Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool)

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Liverpool F.C. mightn’t be the giants of English football that they once were but they’re still a giant club fan-wise. Here’s a few more photos from my trip to Liverpool in Janurary.

liverpool fc flags

the kop anfield

liverpool fc hat

Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool are lyrics from a chant the fans sing

25 Mar

I Am Your Child, Wherever you go you take me too

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I am your child

I Am Your Child is a song by Barry Manilow

14 Mar

Leaving on a Jet Plane

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I love watching airplanes flying through clear skies. There’s something peaceful about watching them; silent from the ground, wondering where it’s flying to, watching it vanish.

Leavin on a Jet Plane

Leaving on a Jet Plane is a classic song by John Denver

12 Mar

Hit The Parade (Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, Galway)

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Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, Galway

This post is from last year but it’s one of my facourite photographs from 2012 and Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up again soon so I’m reposting it.

I know I’m a bit late with posting this but better late than never with my photo from Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. I was at the parade with my family so could only manage a hopeful snap here and there (not easy with an almost 2 year old on my shoulders…)
Luckily for me I had perfect timing with this photo and captured a nice reflection of the crowd in the musician’s trumpet.

Post title taken from the song ‘Hit The Parade’, from the album Bedlam a Go-Go by Something Happens, an Irish band from the late 1980s – early 1990s. I remember seeing them at Lark By The Lee in 1984 or 1985, a free music festival in Cork. Lead singer Tom Dunne had a very successful radio show on Today FM but unfortunately has now moved to a weekday morning slot on Newstalk. With Donal Dineen and Tom Dunne gone from music shows the Irish airwaves are a lot poorer for quality music

06 Mar

David Bowie- The Next Day

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David Bowie- The Next Day

Every blog post in my photogrpahy website has a related music title. Why? Because I have a passion for photography and music, this is just a fun thing to link the two together.

As the whole world knows David Bowie is back. Back with a BANG; his new album The Next Day is getting great reviews. Here I’ve attempted to represent each song from David Bowie’s new album, The Next Day, with a related picture.

1. The Next Day

Setting Sun

2. Dirty Boys

Boys will be boys

3.The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

Suso; the Great White Hope.

4.Love Is Lost

When the laughter stops

5.Where Are We Now?


6.Valentine’s Day

What women want, what men want (not the same thing)

7.If You Can See Me

Morrissey, Galway 09

8.I’d Rather Be High

Out back

9.Boss Of Me

The Color of Money

10.Dancing Out In Space

Galway Races 2009

11.How Does The Grass Grow


12.(You Will) Set The World On Fire

Who by Fire? Galway Arts Festival 2010

13.You Feel So Lonely You Could Die

Just walk on by

Who by Fire?

27 Feb

An Carnmore hurling (They Might Be Giants)

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Photographs of An Carnmore, a Galway hurling club, goalkeeper C Fahy during a quiet period a game against Craughwell.

galway hurling

carnmore hurling

They Might Be Giants is the name of the happy, happy band, most famous for ‘Birdhouse In Your Soul.

20 Feb

Galway Hooker Sculpture Abstract (Blackbird Fly)

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I’m always drawn to the Galway Hooker sculpture in Eyre Square, Galway. I like the rustic look of it and the straight lines and very sharp angles. These are two abstract photographs of the Eyre Square sculpture with a crow resting on it.

eyre square abstract

Galway Hooker Statue

Blackbird Fly is a song by The Beatles, taken from the album The Beatles, a.k.a. The White Album

15 Feb

Echo Big Wheel of Liverpool (The Big Wheel Keeps On Turning)

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The Liverpool Big Wheel (The Echo Wheel of Liverpool) is located on the piazza outside the Liverpool Echo Arena and Convention Centre, close to the Albert Dock in Liverpool, England. Both the Big Wheel and the Liverpool Echo Arena and Convention Centre are partially in this photograph.

What appeals to me about the photograph is the sense of symmetry building and the Big Wheel. I added a graduated filter as the sky was a dull grey.

liverpool big wheel

The big wheel keeps on turning are lyrics taken from the timeless classic song Hymn of The Big Wheel by Massive Attack

12 Feb

Fannings Fab 50 in photographs, Part 1

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Fanning’s Fab 50 2012

I have a passion for photography and also music. Just in case you aren’t aware I give every blog post a related musical title.
Each year since 1980 Dave Fanning, Irish rock journalist, has had an annual alternative music poll called Fanning’s Fab Fifty on his radio show. This is decided by a poll of the general public and, since the advent of internet voting, surfers select their own favourite three pieces of music online.

So I’ve decided to attempt to post 50 photographs of mine, each one to relate somehow to each song of Fanning’s Fab Fifty from 2012. Some will be easy, some more vague. To give you a clue I’ve added the band/artist name with each photograph. The ‘answers’ are below the photographs.

50. Blur

49. Grizzly Bear
While You Were Waiting

48. White Stripes

47. Massive Attack

46. Arcade Fire

45. Bob Dylan

44. Lana Del Ray

43. Bruce Springsteen
westport river2

42. U2
The Fly

41. The Pogues

40. Radiohead

Dave Fanning is an Irish rock journalist, DJ, retired film critic and veteran broadcaster. He currently hosts The 11th Hour on RTÉ Two and two radio shows: Drivetime with Dave on RTÉ Radio 1 and The Dave Fanning Show on RTÉ 2fm. He discovered U2 (kind of).

50 Blur – Under The Westway
49 Grizzly Bear – While You Wait For The Others
48 White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
47 Massive Attack – Unfinished Symphony
46 Arcade Fire – Wake Up
45 Bob Dylan – Visions Of Johanna
44 Lana Del Ray – Video Games
43 Bruce Springsteen – The River
42 U2 – The Fly
41 Pogues – A Rainy Night In Soho
40 Radiohead – Street Spirit Fade Out

06 Feb

My favourite photographs from 2012 (Hall Of Fame)

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My favourite photographs from 2012

I know it’s February so this is a bit old but here’s a video I created showcasing some of my favourite photographs from 2012.

My two highlights of the year were
1. I shot two weddings last year (some photos included in the video).

2. I was suprised and delighted to have a photograph of a man outside The Crane bar in Galway featured in the L.A. Times Travel section.

Anyway, I hope you had a great 2012 and enjoyed my photographs. Thanks for looking.

Hall Of Fame is a song title from The Script Featuring

02 Feb

Galway International Rally (It Just Feeds My Need For Speed)

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the Galway International Rally was the first international rally to be run from the Republic of Ireland. Throughout its history it has attracted star drivers from all over the world. These photos are from the day before the rally, when rally cars register and fans mill around adoring the cars

galway International Rally

galway international rally boyle

galway international rally 2

galway international rally mechanic

It Just Feeds My Need For Speed are lyrics taken from the song 1320 by Megadeath

24 Jan

Cava Restaurant, Galway Closing (Food, Glorious Food)

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Cava Restaurant in Galway to close

Cava Galway

Cava Restaurant Gaway

Cava Restaurant is closing on the weekend of 25th/26th January, 2013Jp McMahon, the owner said “It is with deep regret and sadness that Drigin and I must announce that Cava will close in 11 days. We hope the next week will be a happy reflection on our last five years rather than a mourning on our closing ”.

Cava was an extremely popular tapas restaurant in Galway, which had won many awards and it’s closure is a great pity. It was my favourite restaurant in Galway. They will be bringing their top 5 tapas dishes onto their menu at Eat@Massimo, where the same people do a lunch menu.

Click here for an article in the Galway Independent that features an interview and a slight insight into some of the reasons why it closed.

Food, Glorious Food is a song from the musical Oliver!

21 Jan

Liverpool Remember 96 (With Hope In Your Heart)

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Liverpool Remember 96

The 1989 Hillsborough disaster was a human crush which occurred during the FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest football clubs on 15 April 1989 at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England. The crush resulted in the deaths of 96 people and injuries to 766 others. The incident remains the worst stadium-related disaster in British history and one of the world’s worst football disasters.

The Hillsborough Independent Panel concluded that no Liverpool fans were responsible in any way for the disaster, and that its main cause was a “lack of police control” and crowd safety was “compromised at every level” and overcrowding issues had been recorded two years earlier. The panel concluded that “up to 41” of the 96 who perished might have survived had the emergency services’ reactions and co-ordination been improved.

Post Title is taken from the song You’ll Never Walk Alone by Gerry and the Pacemakers. It’s the Liverpool F.C. anthem and in this post it refers to the fans not giving up until the full truth came out.

21 Jan

England Snow (Walking In a Winter Wonderland)

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England was hit by freezing temperatures in January 2013. I was flying to Liverpool so managed to capture some photos of the North West of England covered in snow.

england snow 2013

east england snow 2013

england snow 2013

Walking in a Winter Wonderland are lyrics taken from the song Winter Wonderland, written in 1934 by Felix Bernard (music) and Richard B. Smith (lyricist).

15 Jan

Galway Cathedral (Push The Sky Away)

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An old photo of mine of Galway Cathedral, with a simple filter applied (in Flickr’s built in photo editor). I really have to start using Adobe Lightroom and learn how to make little changes, such as ‘remove’ the light in the bottom-right-corner which is distracting.

Galway Cathedral

Push The Sky Away is the album title of the new album from Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, to be released in February 2013.

11 Jan

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

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Playing with my macro lens,water, a few drops of olive oil and washing up liquid. Afterwards I added a filter.

bubbles macro

06 Jan

Dublin Street Photography (Sidewalking)

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Some of my attempts at street photography, taken on the Photography Photo Walk in Dublin in December of last year.

Street photography is harder than I thought, or at least there’s a learning/confidence curve. When you look at photos of street photography one thinks it’s simple but when you’re standing a few feet away from a stranger it’s harder than you think to point your camera at them and click. Obviously, the smaller the camera you have and the more subtle you are the easier it is.

Sidewalking is a song title from a Jesus And Mary Chain song

03 Jan

10 Reasons To Exist

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10 Reasons To Exist is rumoured to be album title from U2’s much anticipated new album, it’s currently the ‘working title’. is my photography website and in this, the blog section, every blog post used to have a related music title. Why? Because I love photography and music and it’s a fun thing to link the two together. The title could be as simple as a band name, song or album title or maybe lyrics from a song; anything music related that the photograph makes me think of.

Below are some photographs of mine that are linked to some U2 albums titles. It’s simple to guess which photograph represents which album but it gives you a visual example of how I link photographs in blog posts to music references. When the new U2 album is released (10 reasons to exist maybe) I’m going to try to have a blog post and photo for each song title.

Click for larger image

24 Dec

Merry Christmas Everyone

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Happy Christmas from Galway

Post title ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ is a popular festive song by the Welsh singer-songwriter Shakin’ Stevens.

13 Dec

Christmas Lights

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This is an old photo (2010) but it’s nice for a Christmas posting so I’m re-posting it.
It’s a very simple photo but shows how you can achieve something different by just playing around with your camera.

Oh Christmas lights
Light up the street
Light up the fireworks in me
May all your troubles soon be gone
Those Christmas lights, keep shining on

Christmas lights is a song by Coldplay.

10 Dec

Buy a photograph print for charity (Santa Claus is coming to town)

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I’m getting to this a bit late as tomorrow is the last day to bid.

The 2012 Photo Book was launched on Saturday 1st December and contains the images submitted by the wonderful users of the Photography forum.

This PRINT AUCTION is organised to raise additional funds for the Santa Strike Force – which was helped set up by Tom Murphy (DeVore) one of the founding members of The SSF are a really cool charity: in the run-up before Christmas, they start quietly collecting toys and when the big day comes, all the SSF elves help Santa to hand out presents to kids who are staying in not-so-nice places. Places likes hospitals and care-centres.

Please place your bid (minimum bid is €25 and includes postage) in the comment below each photograph (link below) or email it to

If bidding by email, include the title and user name as it appears in both the book and the photo on If you would like to bid to a maximum, state what your maximum bid would be and we will then comment on your behalf on in increments of €5 up to your maximum. E.g. If the maximum amount you want to bid is €50 and actual highest bid at auction is €30, you will get it for €35.

You will receive an email if your maximum bid is exceeded prior to the auction.
Here’s the link to the site with full details and for bidding.

Santa Claus is coming to town is a song title by J. Fred Coots, Henry Gillespie.

05 Dec

Abstract Water Reflections (Time Stands Still)

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Always look for something differnet.
These abstract water reflection photographs were taken on the Photowalk in Dublin at the beginning of December. We were walking through the lovely Stephen’s Green in Dublin and I noticed the colourful reflection of the trees in the water. Stephen’s Green is a great nature escape in the center of Dublin City and is worth a stroll to have a break from the rush and busy city center outside.

Water Reflection

I didn’t know which one I prefer so I posted two photos

Time Stands Still is a song title by the Irish band Something Happens.

03 Dec

People’s Art Stephen’s Green (Endless Art)

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I took part in a photowalk last Saturday around Dublin City. There’ll be many more photos to follow but here’s one for now. The People’s Art Exhibition around Stephen’s Green was on and these ladies were enjoying themselves and browsing.

Endless Art is a song from the Irish band A-House

29 Nov

Galway sunrise (Sun It Rises)

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A beautiful red and orange Galway sunrise over fields in Galway lights up the sky with great colours.
Galway has really stunning sunsets over Galway Bay and offers lovely views for the people strolling on the Salthill Prom. The Galway sunrises are equally brilliant and turn the fields from black darkness into a lovely blend of colours.

Galway morning sunrise

Sun It Rises is a song title from Fleet Foxes album Fleet Foxes.

26 Nov Photobook launch & Photowalk- all welcome

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Every year, the users from the photography forum on stick their heads and hands together to organize the annual Boards Photobook. The entire project is conducted online and is organized by volunteers from the forum and I have a photo in this year’s book.

The book showcases some of the finest photography work from both amateurs and professionals and will make a great Christmas present; as for each book sold, a charitable donation will be made to Santa Strike Force.

Book Launch- everyone invited
Boards Photo Book launches at the Dublin Camera Gallery on Camden Street at 8pm on December 1st 2012.
Dublin Camera Club have once again been so very kind to offer their gallery space for free in order to support the project. Many of the contributors and users of the photography forum will meet each other there. Remarkably, it will probably be the first time many of them will have met face to face – as all work behind the book happens entirely on the forum, which is an amazing feat!

We herewith extend an invitation and warm welcome to all interested in attending the book launch, the more the merrier. We hope to make the book a successful venture to ensure that Santa Strike Force can keep providing their fantastic service to institutions that, in these budgetary times, so much rely on donations from the public.

How can you buy the photobook?
The publication will be made available for purchase to the general public by Shakespeare Photobooks, a Waterford based company who have been selected for a third time for the printing process. After the book launch, copies of the book will be available for purchase directly from Shakespeare Photobooks.

Print Auction
A Print Auction of photos in the book will commence on the 2nd December and run for approximately 2 weeks – visit for more details.

For any further inquiries, you can contact Tracy O’Brien and the team behind the book on boardsbook{at}

The group are also organising a photowalk for Saturday afternoon, full details below.

Start Time: 1pm
Start Point: Bottom of Grafton St / Molly Malone Statue end
Going to:
– National Library of Ireland (Nassau to Kildare street)
– St. Stephen’s Green
– National Museum of Ireland (History, Merrion St)
– Merrion Square
– Westland Row (Pearse St Train Station)
– Trinity College (Through Pearse St entrance)
– College Green to Dame Lane
– Dame Lane (should be getting dark by now 4:30ish)
– behind Dublin Castle (Chester Beatty Library)
– St. Patricks Cathedral (night)
– stumble back to Against the Grain (6ish)

21 Nov

Selling my Pentax K-7 and 100mm macro lens (Superdiscount)

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I’m planning on upgrading to a Pentax K-5 so I’m selling my beloved Pentax K-7 body and also my Pentax 100mm f2.8 1:1 macro lens.
Please see here for more photos & details of the K-7 and here for the macro lens.

You can also contact me through my contact form if you want.

17 Nov

Galway Beach Abstract (Sand and Sand)

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I was walking on Renmore/Ballyloughane Beach in Galway today and brought my camera along with me. I ended up taking some photos of the ripples in the sand which looked quiet nice I thought.

Ballyloughane Beach

Galway Beach Abstract

 Ballyloughane Beach Galway

I noted that PetaPixel website have an article featuring ‘Seascape’ photos by Jakob Wagner, which are very similar to mine.
Sea and Sand is a song title by The Who.

12 Nov

Galway Blackrock Swim (Swimming)

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This is Martin Burke, a hardy swimmer at the diving board at Blackrock, Salthill, Galway. He came out of the water and casually said “It’s lovely in there.” The Diving Board at Blackrock, Salthill is a very popular swimming and diving location with locals (and tourists in the summer). I’ve only been in there once and that was with a wetsuit on.

Swimming is a song title of a song by Florence and The Machine

07 Nov

Movember Rain -Please vote for me in Movember competition

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It’s November which means that it’s Movember; a month where men grow a moustache for the month. The goal is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. €92.4 million was raised globally last year. Within Ireland €1.7 million was raised with the money going to The Irish Cancer Society.

I’ll be growing a beautiful moustache for the month.
If you’re on Facebook could you take 1 minute to vote for me in this Movember competition?

If you’d like to see how it/she’s growing or to donate some money for charity click here.
Thanks in advance!

Movember moustache

04 Nov

The Wedding Present Seamonsters,Róisín Dubh

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The great, great band that are The Wedding Present played their Seamonsters album live at Róisín Dubh in Galway tonight. A very entertaining night for the packed house.

Wedding Present, Roisin Dubh

30 Oct

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice. Memroy Card Trouble

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As you might have noticed I haven’t posted up many photos lately. Just in case you were wondering why here’s my story and a bit of advice for you…

Memory cards are essential to digital photography (obviously) but I’ve never given them a second thought besides making sure I have some with me. Most people are the same I’d imagine. So when I saw that a well known discount store were selling memory cards at a very cheap price I decided to buy a few.
Before I did I posted a thread on photography forum asking if there’s any difference between cheap and more expensive memory cards (besides reading speed). A few people recommended to avoid the cheap ones but I ignored that.

About two months ago I began having some problems with my Pentax camera and memory cards. One of my cards was slightly cracked but it still worked. Next cards wouldn’t ‘pop’ in or out of my memory card slot. I had to use a pair of tweezers to ply it out. My laptop wouldn’t accept the card either so to transfer photos I had to use a cable to connect my camera to laptop.

On Guinness Arthurs Day I went to O Connell’s pub in Eyre Square, Galway to see and photograph Alabama 3. The weather was awful but they still kindly took time to pose for a group photo for me before the gig. As they were playing on a make shift stage with no security barriers I was as close as you could ever get (3 feet away) so captured loads of shots. However I noticed that when I tried to view some photos on my camera LCD screen that it gave me an error message.

At home that evening when I was trying to copy the photos to my laptop it said that the folder was empty. I tried everything but couldn’t retrieve them, much to my anger and frustration. So I decided to get my camera looked at. Surprisingly, that isn’t easy in Ireland, especially if you’re living in the West of Ireland. I phoned a few camera stores in Galway; they all said they wouldn’t repair it for me and that I’d have to post it to Pentax in the UK. I bought my camera 2nd hand from the USA so wasn’t sure would Pentax UK even look at it and even if they did the cost could be very high (like bringing a car to an official dealer for a service). So I hunted around and managed to find The Hamster Clinic, a camera repair advice thread on

Basically it’s a thread for camera repair advice and there’s a guy who gives advice and also does repairs. I ended up posting my camera to him and for the mere sum of €20 he fixed it for me. If I had sent my camera off to Pentax UK I’m sure it would have cost a multiple more. Bits of my cheap memory cards were flaking off and messing up the memory card slot. I don’t know if a more expensive memory card means it’s better built but I’m not going to risk it in future. As they say (who are ‘they’ anyway?) “buy cheap and buy twice”.

The other lesson I learnt is that if you’re doing a job MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP CAMERA. Luckily for me the Alabama concert was just some hobby photography but I was scheduled to shoot a wedding. I managed to borrow a Pentax body from another amazingly generous and trusting stranger through the Photography forum. (This sounds like an ad for Photography forum but I haven’t received any financial gratitude for my opinions…).

For Christmas this year I’ll probably ask Santa Claus for a backup 2nd hand Pentax body (@mywife- I hope you’re reading this…) in case I get the opportunity to shoot any more weddings (2 under my belt so far, hopefully more in the future)

Now I have my camera back and hopefully will start posting up some photos shortly.

Postupdate: good article here at, entitled Raise your hand if you have ever lost digital image files.

18 Oct

Young Galway Hurler (I’m gonna knock you out, Mama said knock you out)

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Jumping on the bandwagon? The Gawlay hurling team lost the All Ireland Hurling Final this September (after a replay) and now I see kids everywhere sporting hurls. We even bought one for our 2 /12 year old son Conor. And he loves it!

If we got a 3D scan when my wife was pregnant I woulnd’t have been suprised if there was a ball or toy car in the scan. Most health plans in Ireland include discount scans, something most people don’t even know. A lot of locations now offer Pregnancy scans dublin, like Ultrasound Dimensions – 3D Scans and Pregnancy scan ultrasound centre in Dublin.

This photo was taken with an iPhone. Sometimes it’s about what’s captured and not the quailty of the photo…..

Post title is some lyrics from LL Cole J ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’.

12 Oct

Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop (Read The Blessed Pages)

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A man browses through some of the 2nd hand books on sale in Charlie Byrne’s Bookstore, Galway. This photograh sat on my hard drive for a long while. I always liked it but didn’t love it until I converted it to black and white.
Charlie Byrne’s is a famous bookstore in Galway and a lovely place to loose yourself and browse for a while.

Post title is a song title by Belle and Sebastian

09 Oct

Smile Like You Mean It (Enda Kenny Joker)

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Enda Kenny looking very shifty and resembling The Joker.

Post title is a song title from The Killers.

02 Oct

LA is The Place (The Crane Bar, Galway)

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I’m delighted to tell you that I had a photo published in the LA Times!
The LA Times contacted me through Flickr asking if they could use my photo of a man outside The Crane Bar in Galway in a travel feature on Galway for their travel section of The LA Times newspaper. They posted me some clippings of the page, I kept one, gave one to the pub and one to the person in the photo.

Post title is a song by the American hip hop group N.W.A.

25 Sep

Arthurs Day (Black Is The Colour)

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Arthurs Day refers to a series of music events which were first organised in 2009 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Guinness brewing company by its owner Diageo plc.
Guinness Arthurs Day falls on the 27th of September this year and features some really big international acts including Fayboy Slim, Primal Scream, Munford and Sons, Texas and more.
It’s an amazingly great marketing ploy by Diageo and must be worth millions upon millions in publicity.

These are some photos from a recent trip to The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

Guinness Bottles

Post title is a song title by Christy Moore.

20 Sep

Yellow Rose Petals (Yellow roses,The color of sunshine)

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Yellow Rose

My wife loves flowers (what woman doesn’t?) and I find roses a great subject for colourful, abstract macro photos. So when I bought her yellow roses recently we both were happy. This macro photograph of beautiful petals of a yellow rose is almost memorising I find. When I bought my macro lens I didn’t intend it use it for floral photography but I found it’s great for colourful photos of petals.

I like the simplicity in floral photos where the entire photos is engulfed with one colour, here the bright yellow rose is like a tunnel. Lilies are my wife’s favourite type of flowers but I’m going to start buying her roses as they’re my favourite type of flowers to photograph; pure red, white or yellow colours.

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Yellow Rose

Post title ‘Yellow roses, the color of sunshine’ are lyrics taken from the song Yellow Roses by the one and only Dolly Parton.. Did you know that Dolly Parton even has her own theme park?

16 Sep

Well I entered into O’Malley’s Said, “O’Malley I have a thirst”

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In Ireland the pub door is always open….taken from A Healy’s Bar in Ennistymon, County Clare, Ireland.
Below the main photo is a photo of the entire front of the bar.

Post title is taken from Nick Cave’s O’Malleys Bar song from the album Murder Ballets.

13 Sep

To Look Inside

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Post title a song title from Faws, taken from his Blue Note EP.

12 Sep

You’re So Far Away From Me

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Two skyscrapers in Calpe, Spain in love but destined to never be able to get together. Click on the image to view larger size.

Post title is taken from the song ‘So Far Away’ by Dire Straits.

10 Sep

New York I love you but you’re bringing me down (Twin Towers)

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A cityscpae photograph that I took years ago of New York city with the Twin Towers in the distance.

Post title is the title of a song by LCD Soundsystem.

05 Sep

Wicked Game (The Art of making a hurley stick )

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The quickest field game in the world.I spent a weekend in Kilkenny recently and on Sunday morning was wandering around Kilkenny Castle grounds. There was a small marque set up and a hurley (camán in Irish) maker inside showing how a hurley is made. Tom O’ Donoghue was his name, a very friendly guy who showed us the process of making a hurley- from the block of wood, the tools used to cut and finish it off. A very interesting process.

Hurling is an outdoor team game of ancient Gaelic origin, administered by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). Hurling has prehistoric origins, has been played for at least 3,000 years and is thought to be the world’s fastest field team game in terms of game play.
Hurleys are made from ash wood, the base of the tree near the root is the only part used.

Post title taken from a song “Wicked Games” by Chris Isaac, which featured in David Lynch’s dark film Wild At Heart

01 Sep

If everybody had an ocean (Lahinch surfing)

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Lahinch is a nice small town in county Clare, at the head of Liscannor Bay. Lahinch beach is 2km long & is busy all summer long. It’s also an extremely popular destination for surfers as it gets big waves. I try to visit Lahinch frequently; it has nice pubs, great food (you must try the fish and chips in Vaughans, Lisconnor which is 2km away from Lahinch).

I took this photo from the top of Milltown Malbay road, which overlooks the beach. In the panoramic photo of Lahinch Beach you can see the water littered with surfers and budding surfers. Click on the image to view a larger sized photo.

Post title is taken from the song “Surfin USA” by The Beach Boys.