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29 Aug

Into The white, Into The White (Rose Macro)

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A macro photograph of a white rose, taken in Fitzgerald Park, Cork City. While floral photography isn’t really my thing I have a macro lens and flowers don’t move as much as insects so are easier to photograph. I didn’t do any post processing on this, the orange/pink hue from the centre of the rose must be due to the light (maybe).

Post title is taken from the song ‘Into The White’ by the marvelous marvel that are The Pixies.

22 Aug


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I like to notice patterns and potential photographs in everyday situations, maybe it’s the photographer in my hunting for something to photograph. I was in Calpe, Spain on holidays earlier this summer and ‘played’ crazy golf with our kids. What struck me was the strong colours and unique shapes around each hole.

Post title is taken from the song title “Mis-shapes, Mistakes, Misfits” by Pulp

16 Aug

I want people who hear us to feel charming and handsome. They don’t spit or gob, they bring flowers

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Post title is taken from a quote by Morrissey- “I want people who hear us to feel charming and handsome. The disciples we’ve accumulated are incredibly charming people. They don’t spit or gob, they bring flowers.”

14 Aug

Bad Moon Rising

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I’ve never managed to get a ‘close up’ shot of a full moon that I’ve been happy with, never managed to capture the details that I’ve seen in some people’s photos. So the last time I saw a full moon I tried something different, just some camera shaking. I was suprisingly happy with the result- an abstract full moon

Post title is the title of an album by Sonic Youth and also a song by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Take your pick

10 Aug

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

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Post title is lyrics taken from the song ‘Mellow Yellow’ by Donovan.

31 Jul

Love me tender, Love me sweet, Never Let Go

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UCC Wedding Photos

Some photographs of the wedding of Rhona Campbell and Brendan Power at UCC (University College Cork) in July 2012. It was a great day for all and a very relaxed wedding (if that’s possible for the photographer). There were a few showers, we just about had enough time to get some photos after the ceremony on the grounds of UCC before the heavens opened up. The reception was at Fota Island Resort in a very nice intimate setting.

Congratulations to the newly wed couple and thanks for asking me to do the photography! I hope they enjoy their honeymoon and life together.

Please click here to see photos from some more recent weddings I’ve photographed.

Post title is taken from the song ‘Love Me Tender’ by Elvis. (But of course you knew that)

27 Jul

Any way you run, you run before us, Black and white horse arching among us (Zebra at Dublin Zoo)

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The post title are lyrics from the song ‘Zebra’, from the album ‘Teen Dream’ by Beach House.

22 Jul

It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight

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An Amur tiger relaxing in Dublin Zoo. The largest in length and the heaviest of all cats, Amur tigers also have the thickest fur to protect them from the bitter cold of their habitat. Humans are their only predators and, although legally protected, they are still killed for their fur and body parts for use in traditional eastern medicines and as ornaments or charms. Estimates of their numbers in the wild range from as low as 150 to over 400.

Post title is taken from ‘Eye Of The Tiger’, the Survivor song made world famous by Rocky 3.

19 Jul

Kitchen aromas aren’t very homely, It’s not comforting, cheery or kind

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Post title is taken from the song ‘Meat Is Murder’ by The Smiths.

17 Jul

Heifer whines could be human cries, Closer comes the screaming knife

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Post title is taken from the song ‘Meat Is Murder’ by The Smiths.

11 Jul

Into The Sea (Cope Galway Triathlon 2012)

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A participant takes a cool down in Galway Bay after completing The Cope Galway Triathlon.

Post title is lyrics from the song ‘Lovecats’ by The Cure

09 Jul

Fitter. Happier (Cope Galway Traithlon 2012)

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The Cope Galway Triathlon took place on Sunday, 8th of July in Salthill, Galway. Geraghty Ruaidhri, pictured below, won with a time of 1 hour and 6 minutes

Post title is the song title of a stunning song by Radiohead, taken from their amazingly great album “OK Computer”.

03 Jul

Sail through the sorrows of life’s marauders, Unrepenting, often empty, Sail on, sail on sailor (Cape Clear Ferry)

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The Dun Aengus ferry, which sails from Baltimore, West Cork to Cape Clear after leaving Baltimore.

Post title is taken from The Beach Boys song ‘Sail on, sail on sailor’, the final song on their 1973 album ‘Holland’

29 Jun

Cape Clear (Now ever since I was a child, I can remember that mansion on the hill)

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Post title is lyrics from the song ‘Mansion On The Hill’ by The Boss, Bruce Springston. I thought it was by one of my favourite band The National but they just covered the song.

25 Jun

Black, Keys

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I’ve mentioned before that I have a fondness for patterns. This was taken at a waterpark in Spain; I guess keys for lockers. The woman working there gave me an odd look, probably wondering why would anyone want to take a photograph of a bunch of keys.

Post title is a play on the title of the American rock band “The Black Keys”.

19 Jun

Smile Like You Mean It

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A portrait of an extremely happy looking man. he was working on the Baltimore (County Cork) to Cape Clear Ferry.

Post title is a song title from The Killers, taken from their 2004 smash hit album ‘Hot Fuss’.

15 Jun

House On The Hill (Calpe, Spain)

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Please click on the image to view a larger sized version which looks more impressive I think.

Post title; House On The Hill is a song title from Beach House, taken from their great debut album ‘Beach House’.

13 Jun

At The Edge Of The Sea

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A photo of Conor, my son, looking peaceful on a stoney beach just up the coast from Calp (Calpe), Spain. It’s a very simple photo but it’s the simplicity of it that I like; calm colours, obvious composition and square lines and of course the impression of tranquility.

Post title ‘At The Edge Of The Sea’ is a song from the album ‘Tommy’ by The Wedding Present. Who are touring and performing their Seamonsters album later this year.

11 Jun

Broken down cars, Like strung out old stars ( Vintage Car Show )

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I was at the Shrule & District Vintage Car show last weekend and spent the afternon trying to stop my two year old son from pawing the cars with his ice-cream hands. Besides that I took some photos of the lovely cars; hope you like. (more to follow soon)

Post title taken from the great song ‘Lift Me Up’, taken from the album Hotel by Moby. I only found out recently that Moby is an avid photogrpaher and has his own photoblog of strange and beautiful architecture in Los Angeles.

08 Jun

Baby You Can Drive My Car ( Shrule & District Vintage Club 4th Annual Show )

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A friend of mine is a lover of cars (Opel mainly) and will be showcasing his Mantra at the opcoming Shrule & District Vintage Club 4th Annual Show at Castlehackett Estate, Belclare, Tuam, Co. Galway this weekend. I’m going to head along, it could be a great chance to get some nice photographs. After browsing through some of my car photographs I’ve noticed that I tend go for abstract rather than the standard photos. This is because the standard photo (for many subjects) has been done a million times so trying a differnet style makes it stand out somewhat.

Link to website.
Here’s details of the show:
Saturday 9th June
The Vintage Road Run for cars will start at 4 P.M. sharp returning to the show site @ 8 P.M. where a barbeque (not free) is available.
The route of the run is as follows:
* Castlehackett House (Show site)
* Caherlistrane
* Shrule
* Glencorrib
* Cross
* Cong (15 – 30 minute stop)
* Ballinbobe
* Tuam
* Belclare (meet with the Tractors)
* Castlehackett House (Show site)
Tractors will also have a Road Run the route is: * Castlehackett House (Show site)
* Caherlistrane
* Sylane
* Tuam
* Belclare (meet with the Cars)
* Castlehackett House (Show site)

Details of events on Sunday 10th June
* All types of vintage vehicles will be on display – tractors, cars, motorbikes, commercial trucks, 4X4s, construction and industrial vehicles, fire engines and steam engines.
* There will be vintage working displays and demonstrations with threshing, block making, stone crushing, and stationary engines in operation.
* A tractor build display is planned and a substantial autojumble will be run on site.
* Other attractions include Dog show and crafts display featuring cooking, butter making, sewing, wood turning and weaving.
* There will be children’s entertainment, set dancing and live music featuring Don Stiffe, Matt Keane and many more artists.
* The Opel Vauxhall Club Ireland will be in attendance.
* The Ford Cortina Club are main feature at the show as they celebrate 50 years of the Cortina.

Show location:
Sat Nav co-ordinates are: 53.493331,-8.977633.

Post title is the title of a Beatles song ‘Baby You Can Drive My Car’.

22 May

You Got a Fast Car

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Sometimes I go out with my camera with an idea in my mind of what type of photograph I want to capture, sometimes not. On this occasion I was watching some sheep with my kids (amazing for them…) while cars were driving past on the country road.

Quickly I decided to try some long exposure shots of them. Without thinking too much about the settings I flicked the shutter dial to 1/15 of a second and titled my Pentax K-7 camera as I heard a fast car approaching. As it came into view I panned it and titled my camera slightly. Even though the car isn’t fully in focus I’m extremely happy with result. The strong background colours add to the photo as well I think.

If I had thought about it more I mightn’t have gotten as good a result; there was no textbook thought to titling the camera but I think it looks more dramatic that if the car was horizontal.

Post title is taken from the classic song ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Trapman

17 May

Tell Me Now What’s A V.I.P. ( Enda Kenny )

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The taoiseach of Ireland, Enda Kenny was in Galway to announce 200 new jobs for Merit Medical Systems.

I took some photographs of the new Merit Medical Systems building last year as it was being built, they can be found here and here.

I managed to get some photographs of him leaving the Merit Medical Systems building and entering his car. I only had a few seconds so shot in continuous drive. I didn’t get any proper portrait so decided to play around with what I had and came up with this collage.

Post title is taken from the song V.I.P, from the very enjoyable new album How About I Be Me (And You Be You).

17 May

See Your Name in Neon, It’s a Dream, 15 Minutes of Fame (Occupy Galway)

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My blog post yesterday was my most viewed blog post to date, with over 1,000 page views yesterday alone.
It really was a case of lucky timing and a bit of work as well.

On Tuesday I had a day off work and was wandering around Galway. I was strolling through Eyre Square, decided to visit the Occupy Galway camp and document it through photographs. Little did I know that the gardaí would raid/’dismantle’ the camp that very night. I was also lucky that I posted the photos here the same evening, if I had left it for a day or two the Occupy Galway camp would have been yesterdays news.

When I found out the next morning that the camp had been dismantled I tweeted my photographs & also tweeted several media organisations saying that I had possibly the last photographs of the camp. Several replied asking if they could use my photographs and many people retweeted my tweet of the photographs. My photographs were used by The Irish Examiner (online),,, The Galway Facebook page and more. I was even trending on Twitter(!).

Below is some of the coverage my photographs in the media:

Post title are lyrics taken from the song ’15 minutes’ by the band Sheep On Drugs (great band name).

15 May

99 Songs For The 99% ( Occupy Galway )

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Update to post-
The last Occupy protest camp in the country has been dismantled by gardai and council chiefs. Officials moved in to remove Occupy Galway activists from Eyre Square at about 4.30am on Wednesday. Galway City Council had raised concerns that the camp should be removed before the Volvo Ocean Race grand finale next month (pretty lame excuse).

The Occupy Galway group are the last group still standing in Ireland, today (15th May) is day 215. Occupy Galway began in Eyre Square in October 2011 as part of the global Occupy Movement.

I chatted to a few of them today and had a wander around the camp taking some photos.

They have a good setup; solar power, a meeting room, kitchen, living area, flowers & plants growing, storage room and camping/sleeping area.

Post title is taken from the album 99 Songs For The 99%, a compilation of songs written supporting the protesters.

12 May

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, You better run, better run, outrun my gun…

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This is the second series of photographs of my new runners- VIVOBAREFOOT Evo.

The second photograph shows how breathable the runners are; the photograph on the right shows a macro of one of the hexagons. You can see that it’s made up of some kind of overlapping material with miniature holes which allow my foot to keep cool. The third photograph shows how flexible they are. And the last one just mucking about with Picasa settings.

Post title is taken from the song “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People. For me it was the feelgood hit of last summer.

The first series of the photographs can be found here

10 May

Watch The Sunrise

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Another macro photograph. Just in case you miss it, there’s a fly climbing up the weed. I did get some strange looks from people in cars driving past; me lying in the ditch on the side of the road…..

Post title ‘Watch The Sunrise’ is a song title from American band Big Star. I know it from Belle and Sebastian’s Late Night Tales.

05 May

And I Would Walk 500 Miles (VIVOBAREFOOT Evo)

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So I got a new pair of runners recently; VIVOBAREFOOT Evo. A pair of runners with a difference. And then some. VIVOBAREFOOT are what you call minimalist running shoes; extremely thin, lightweight runners that are meant to be “as close to going barefoot as you can.” They’re part of the barefoot movement and running community.

Modern running shoes are like a barge around your feet, disconnecting them from the ground in many ways. Runners like VIVOBAREFOOT are the opposite; you feel more and your feet are strengthened, stimulated more and you also exercise your
calves, thighs, gluts, the lower back and abdomen, increasing your core strength.

Flexible, breathable and light- 1 shoe weighs about 220grams, compared to 440grams for a Nike Zoom Zomero, which is half the weight!

Post title are lyrics from I’m Gonna Be (500 miles) by The Proclaimers

03 May

I Want It All, I Want It All, I Want It All, And I Want It Now

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I’m happy to say I’ve had ‘What’s in my bag’ featured in Camera Gear website- link It’s their fist What’s in my bag submission from a Pentax user.

Camera Gear website is a nice site that it updated daily and gives ” the latest in photography and camera gear news”.

◦Pentax K7
◦Pentax D FA 100mm 1:1 macro
◦Sigma 70-200 f2.8
◦Sigma 30mm 1.4
◦Tamron 17-50 f2.8
◦ND filter
◦a bit of money
◦lens wipes
◦spare lens back cap in my bag.

I also have a smaller shoulder bag that I use if I’m only taking 1 or 2 lenses with me.
I’m planning on upgrading the K-7 to a K-5, buying a good flash (for 2 weddings this year) and down the line maybe a wide angle lens (10mm).

Post title is taken from the song ‘I Want It All’ by Queen.

01 May

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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You only have one life.
Be a child again.
Enjoy it, don’t take everything so seriously all the time.
Stop and smell the flowers, appreciate what you have.
Here’s some random photographs that make me smile.

This is how Conor (2 years young) smiles. There’s nothing wrong with him, it’s just his funny smile…

Post title is the song title of that happy, happy song Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin.

26 Apr

She’ll Carry On Through It All, She’s a Waterfall

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I’d just like to post an example of a ‘before and after’ photo, aka editing.
I was wandering around lovely Westport early morning last weekend and strolled along the picturesque river and stopped at this mini-waterfall.

I thought there could be a nice photo in it somewhere to took a few photos, some with slow shutter speeds. This was taken at 1/20th of a second but the initial result was a bit plain/standard.

So I did some basic editing in Picasa 3. I know I should be using Lightroom or Photoshop but haven’t found the time to study either yet. And I find that Picasa 3 does a good job. I know there some features and presets in Lightroom that I’d like. Someday, I keep telling myself, I’ll buy and learn/study Lightroom. Someday. Another confession- I don’t shot in RAW. Ever.

Anyway all I did with this photo took less than 5 minutes and I ‘framed’ the finished result as I think it’d look nice on my wall. Steps were crop, apply 1960’s effect and add the frame.

Post title is taken from ‘She’s a Waterfall’ by THE Stone Roses.

22 Apr

Bait and Switch ( Heron Bird )

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I had a very relaxing weekend away in Westport and went for an early morning wander with my camera.
This heron was standing under a bridge but flew away as I approached so I thought my chance of a photograph was gone. But it rested by the bank of the river in great light for me. I’m very happy with this photo, light seems just right to me.

Post title is taken from the song titled Bait and Switch by The Shins. I’ve used this title as the heron stands so still that people often think it’s not a real bird. (Thanks to Emily Gallagher for telling me it’s a heron).

17 Apr


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The second set of photographs from The Lemonheads It’s a Shame About Ray gig in Roisin Dubh, Galway in April 2012

17 Apr

Come on Feel The Lemonheads

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Last night I was at The Lemonheads gig in Roisin Dubh in Galway. They were playing their most successful album It’s a Shame About Ray in its entirety. The album is only 33 minutes long so obviously they needed to play some other material. Evan Dando began the night with about 30 minutes of acoustic material, then joined by the rest of the band for It’s a Shame About Ray songs.

It was an enjoyable night and my first time to see The Lemonheads live. There’s a growing trend for bands to tour playing their ‘main/most widely known’ album in its entirety and I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s a good opportunity to hear an album that I listened and loved (still do) in my youth. Gigs like these bring out the older fans and newer ones who have only discovered the bands in recent times and are normally packed with enthusiastic fans singing along to every song.

I met two students, Maria and Owen who are new fans. Flash photograph isn’t allowed and Maria had a compact camera with the back screen broken so couldn’t turn off the flash. She snapped a few quick photos with the flash on, Owen was the ‘better for wear’ and they may or may not have been asked to leave (ah, young kids…)

The lighting in Roisin Dubh is awful for photography- dark red lights so even with my very fast lens (f1.4) I struggled to get any good shots. These are all unprocessed (it’s 1am now, I just want to post up some immediately). I’ll post up some more later this evening hopefully.

Come On Feel The Lemonheads is an album title by The Lemonheads

14 Apr

I can tell that we are gonna be friends

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Post title is taken from the song “We’re gonna be friends” by The White Stripes.

12 Apr

From Me To You (Photograph giveaway competition winners)

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I recently ran a competition where 2 winners would receive a 8″ by 12″ signed photograph of their choice with free worldwide postage.

The winners are Tirabaralla and Francoise F.Q.
Winners were drawn at random and I will contact them to see which photography they would like.
Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment and enter.

Post title is taken from the song “From Me To You”, the first number one for The Beatles in the UK.

11 Apr

A man will beg, A man will crawl, On the sheer face of love, Like a fly on a wall

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I recently bought a proper macro lens and have been trying it out. It’s funny what’s suddenly interesting when you have a 1:1 macro lens. This is my ‘best fly’ so far (I never thought I’d say that). It was standing still so allowed me to get very close to it. Getting focus right is extremelly difficult, you only have a mm or two in focus when you’re working at 1:1 magnification.

Post title is some lyrics from ‘The Fly’, from ‘Achtung Baby’ album by U2.

01 Apr

Reflection (Galway Bay Golf course)

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I recently played Galway Bay Golf course, a very pleasant course even if tough. I played the best golf of my life with 9 pars(!) and 40 points (playing off a handicap of 18). It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky and summer weather even though it was only March.
The air was so still that there wasn’t a ripple in the lake and the trees were reflected perfectly. This was shot with a standard compact (Samsung WB2000). I included two photos but personally I prefer the first one.

Post title is taken from the song titled ‘Reflection’ from the album Inertia Creeps.

21 Mar

And I could never bring you flowers, And I could never turn you around

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A collage of a colourful purple flower, taken with my new macro lens. Macro photography is a lot harder than I thought, it’s a learning curve, especially with focus.

Post title is taken from the song ‘Flowers’ from the album ‘Today’ by the under-rated band ‘Galaxie 500’.

20 Mar

Have you seen him go, though, oh? Boy Racer

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I had great, great fun last week at go-karting at the Indoor Go-Karting track at Liosban, Galway. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while, more like bumpers than go-karting and anything went; bumping, cutting in etc. Must try it again soon.

Post title is taken from the song ‘Boy Race’ by the great, great Morrissey.

16 Mar

Won’t Be Back

Three boarded up houses on Bohermore, Galway City. I prefer the black and white photo but posted up the colour version as well, which one do you prefer?

This for me is a good example of finding a photograph in something mundane, a scene most would just walk past and not give it a second glance. Some boarded up houses, not very interesting? But looking and thinking as a photographer it’s a different world. Here I saw a reflection of the economy, a pattern in the houses and like the lines (straight lines rock!).

Post title ‘Won’t Be Back’ is a song title from ‘Recovery’ album by Eminem (Marshall Mathers). I think it fits very nicely to this photo as it portrays a broken home and poverty.

13 Mar

This is the coastal town that they forgot to close down

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A selection of abandoned houses on a drive from Kilkenny to just outside Galway (150km journey). I’ve often observed old, abandoned buildings when driving along the roads of Ireland. Normally I’m with my family so I don’t have the opportunity to stop multiple times and spend time photographing. Recently I was in Kilkenny for a weekend and drove down on my own. So I took this opportunity to stop and shoot any old building I drove past.

It was quiet a ‘funny’ drive; I’d be driving along keeping an eye out, spot an old house, glance in my mirrors and if the road was clear do a u-turn, pull in (safely somewhere), jump out, snap-snap-snap, jump back in and turn around again and drive on. It was fun for the first hour or so but became quiet repetitive and tedious towards the end of my journey but interesting to see the different states of ruin. Eventually they’ll all end up a bare skeleton of bricks overgrown by greenery.

abandoned houses in Ireland

Post title taken from the timeless classic ‘Everyday is like Sunday‘, taken from Morrissey’s debut solo album ‘Viva Hate’.

09 Mar

Give It Away

In a. Galway by admin / March 9, 2012 / 6 Comments

This is my 2nd photograph giveaway competition. Two lucky people will receive a signed 8″ by 12″ (inch) photograh of your choice, with free worldwide delivery.
To be in with a chance of winning simply leave a comment on any photography in my blog section (not on this page).
Closing date for entries is midnight (Pacific time), 25th March 2012. Winners will be selected at random and I’ll contact them for details (to let you know you’ve won, give you time to pick which photo you’d like and delivery address.)


Blog post title is taken from the song ‘Give It Away’ by the Irish band Something Happens, a great band from the 1980s and early 1990s. Tom Dunne, the lead singer, is now host to a daytime radio chat show.

08 Mar

Not Men but Giants

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John, my dad, died on the 4th of March 2000, after 7 years of Alzheimer’s Disease. He would have been 75 this year, which is virtaully impossible for me to imagine. I would have loved for him to see me getting married or playing with his four grandchildren (two mine, two my brothers).
Pictured with him is his brother, my uncle, Dick Dineen who also died too early, from cancer. Both were dentists, worked together in their pratice on Patrick’s Stret, Cork City. Both were also avid golfers and Dick was captain of Cork Golf Club (Little Island).
I don’t know when this photograph was taken (some wedding I presume) or by whom but it’s a treasured photo. Quality isn’t great as this was sitting in my attic for years and I scanned it.

Post title ‘Not Men but Giants’ is taken from the title of an Irish band called ‘Not Men but Giants’, link to band

05 Mar

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

In a. Galway,h. Sport by admin / March 5, 2012 / 1 Comment

The last set of photographs in my series from Pearse stadium home to Galway GAA hurling and football.
I particularly like the ‘Sales Office’ photo.

Post title Let’s Get Ready To Rumble taken from the song ‘Lets Get Ready To Rumble’ by Ant and Dec and also used in many sports, mainly boxing before big fights.

02 Mar

Maroon 5 ( Galway GAA Pearse Stadium stand )

In a. Galway,b. Abstract/Arty,g.Colourful by admin / March 2, 2012 / 4 Comments

This is the second set of photographs from my wander around Pearse Stadium, Salthill home to Galway GAA hurling and football. In this set I’m posting patterns and strong colours seen in the empty stand which wouldn’t be seen on match day.

…and an ‘abstract’ one thrown in for good measure

My first set of photographs from Pearse Stadium can be found here

Title taken from the American Pop Rock band named ‘Maroon 5’. I know I have more than 5 maroon photographs in the post but couldn’t resist adding this title

01 Mar

Play It Low Into Joe ( Pearse Stadium Galway GAA )

In a. Galway,h. Sport by admin / March 1, 2012 / 4 Comments

Last summer I wandered into Pairc Ui Caoimh, Cork GAA stadium when it was empty and took photographs of the empty stadium. So I called into Pearse Stadium, Salthill, home to Galway GAA. The stadium manager kindly allowed me to walk around taking photographs . Here’s the first set of photos, more to follow soon.

Not Men But Fír

The changing rooms were surprisingly extremely large, there was even a physio room and warm up room. Compare this to the changing rooms that Cork GAA have-

My second set of photographs from Pearse Stadium can be found here

Title taken from the song ‘Play It Low Into Joe’ by The Cash Strapped Johns

28 Feb

Speak Into The Rose

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A rose by any other name

Title is taken from the song ‘Speak Into The Rose’ from the EP ‘Speak Into The Rose’ by Wilco

24 Feb

Galway Girl ( Galway Ghost )

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You might or might not have read about the spotting a ghost in Galway, Ireland recenlty-

Well, here’s not one, but two that I spotted a good while back on Shop Street, Galway.

Galway Ghost

Post title taken from the simply exquisite, haunting song ‘Your Ghost’ from the album Hips and Makers by Kristin Hersh,

21 Feb

Here Comes Your Man

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Post title taken from the song ‘Here Comes Your Man’, another great song from the album ‘Doolittle’ by the almost impossibly fantastic The Pixie.

17 Feb

You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, Right round round round

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Long exposure shot at a fairground

Post title taken from the very catchy 80s’ single ‘You Spin Me Around (like a record) by Dead or Alive